Wednesday – February 29 – Leap Day!

Wednesday – February 29 – Leap Day!

Second Chances~

How many times have we wished we could have a “do over” for certain situations or events in life? I know I do almost on a daily basis.

“If only I had done this differently” I say to myself or “I should have done this…” .

Unfortunately we don’t always get a second chance sometimes the best thing we can do is learn from our past and try to improve for our future. When I played football going into the game I knew that I would probably  make a mistake… maybe a bunch. But I also knew that if I did I would immediately make up for it on the next play.

In life and in our workouts we’re going to make mistakes whether  it’s 1 time or 100 times it’s going to happen. That’s why we train together and not on our own – so we can fix them quickly and set up the next rep for success. But no matter how many time you reinforce proper mechanics you’re going to get fatigued and you may not move as efficiently as you want to. You might have stopped for air longer than you’d planed on…

You can’t dwell on what you did or didn’t do (although I know myself included we do and beat ourselves up over it). That doesn’t resolve anything and it’s a waste of energy. And instead of focusing on what you can’t change you should focus on what you CAN change. You can learn from that experience and move forward.

This approach isn’t developed over night – it comes out of times of frustration hard work and perseverance – ultimately these times prepare you for success for that special moment when the rare and elusive second chance comes back around and you take full advantage of it.

Embrace the opportunity of failure – it may be the catalyst you need to make a leap forward in your life!


Wednesday’s WOD’s

All Levels CrossFit: 

A. Max Distance Standing Triple Jump (get it leap day?)

Jump from both feet onto non-dominant foot onto dominant foot to a two foot landing – 3 attempts – max distance is the score

B. In 30 Minutes complete AMRAP of the following  – steady pace through out – 85-90% effort

5x CtB Pull Ups

10x Box Jumps

15x Wall Ball

20 second Front Leaning Rest (on rings or paralletes)

Run 200 meters

rest 2 minutes after each round

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Overhead Squat

Sets of 5 reps for 10 minutes – focus on an upright torso and straightening your arms through out the entire movement

WOD: 20 minute AMRAP

5x Pull Ups

5x Box Jumps

10x Wall Ball

10x Sit Ups

run 200 meters