Thursday – March 1 – Consistency & Virtuosity

Thursday – March 1 – Consistency & Virtuosity

What did you think a worldwide challenge was going to be easy? That’s why it’s called a challenge 🙂 Step up and be the athlete you know you are capable of being.

The Importance of Consistency

Being consistent is extremely important in Crossfit. In our movements it is vital that we are able to recreate successful repetitions in order to achieve virtuosity – the ability to make the common look uncommonly good. If you look at the statistics of the last few Crossfit Games those who have done well were really just the most consistent competitors. Whether it be Rich Froning Annie Thorisdottir or simply anyone who has seen success in competition consistency has been the key to victory in many cases.

So how can we learn to be consistent and how can we apply that to our every day training?

It starts with making sure you can visit the gym on a regular basis. When you learn a new movement make sure you go out of your way to repeat it properly. Reinforce good repetitions and create good habits. Finally work towards being able to bring the same level of intensity for every workout – even for the ‘goat’ wods…you know…the one’s that aren’t a mix of your favorite movements.

Everyone did an awesome job last week. Lets stay focused and hit WOD 12.2 hard on Friday. If you’re feeling unsure about the snatch (like so many other people out there) stop by the box – we’ll be covering this in every class today and helping you all refine your proper movement patterns so you can get the most out of this workout.

Looking forward to seeing  you all at High Voltage today!

Coach Joshua Murillo

-And now a note I just received from our resident Paleo-chef expert Nikki (we absolutely LOVE getting these messages!)

“1 year ago I moved to LA. Thanks for being such a great community for the past year 🙂 I love you guys!”

Yeah we think you’re pretty cool too!

Thursday’s Training: 

All levels CrossFit

Snatch complex technique & skill transfers
3x Power Snatch 3x Behind Neck Push Press 3x Overhead Squat

If you’re hitting Friday hard then rest & spend 15-20 minutes on mobility after this…

-But if Friday is just another day of CFHV awesomeness then…

WOD: 5 rounds for time -20 minute cap
25xdouble unders
20xsit ups
15x push ups
10x back extensions
5x toes 2 bar

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Snatch Progressions & skill transfer movements

Power snatch complex with bar or with light weight

5 rounds for time / 20 minute cap
50xjump rope passes
20xsit ups
15xpush ups
10xback extensions
5x toes 2 bar