Tuesday – March 6 – A Gut Feeling

Tuesday – March 6 – A Gut Feeling

A Gut Feeling~

I’m sure that if you asked 100 different CrossFitters why they like CrossFit you’d receive a plethora of answers. For some it reminds them what it felt like to be in organized sports. For others perhaps it’s a way for those who have never been associated with sports to participate in an athletic environment. Some people find  it’s a way to get out of the house and socialize with others.

For me CrossFit is a way to connect with nature by exploring the capabilities of my body. Knowing what draws me to the box helps me to understand the sport of CrossFit even better.

So here’s your homework assignment for this week…and yes there IS homework! Figure out what it is that you love about CrosFit and focus on that feeling every time you come to your training session this week. I’m willing to bet that not only will you enjoy your class even more than usual but you’ll perform better as well. Have a good week everyone!

~Coach Josh Murillo

So every morning I wake up and see one of these montages on the High Voltage Facebook page. It’s one of my favorite parts of my morning and they always make me laugh. We call our 6am crew the Waffle Wodders and they have more fun than anyone at 6am doing CrossFit possibly could.

Think 6am is too early to get healthy and fit? Not with these Volts & Vixens! Come check it out and make everything else in your day seem ‘easy’.

Tuesday’s Training: 

All Levels CrossFit

A1. Overhead Squat x 5

A2. Muscle Up Progressions x 5 reps at most difficult progression

B. 3 Rounds for time

400 meter run

21x Hand Release Push Ups

21x V-Ups

21x Double Unders

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Overhead Squat


200 Meter Run

10x Push Ups

10x Sit Ups

30x Jump Rope Passes