Friday – March 9 – More than Optimism!

Friday – March 9 – More than Optimism!

More than Optimism ~

Are you the type of person who say’s or thinks the glass is half full or half empty?  I know we’ve all been asked this questions our entire lives but really which type are you? How did you end up that way?

Being optimistic more than a choice it’s lifestyle if you will. Optimism is a choice that you HAVE to work on a daily basis. It’s easy to be optimistic when things are going in your favor – the difficult part is being optimistic when nothing is going your way. It’s sometimes an uphill battle to stay positive when things get difficult – the workout gets difficult – the voice in your head. You have to just train yourself to tune all that garbage out much like a workout.

How many times during a workout have you fought that voice inside your head say “You can’t do it” or “I’m not going to finish” ? Yet time and time again you’ve all managed to surprise yourselves at the end by just tuning everything and or everyone out and concentrating on the task at hand. Training our bodies is important but what is even better is when we’re training our minds and sometimes don’t even realize it. Just like everything else we do in CrossFit we have to train our minds to stay positive. It’s a specific skill that you have to sharpen and practice.

For some it comes much easier than others (not unlike a barbell lift or gymnastic movement we do in class). But the end result is the same. You’ll begin to realize there are things you can do that previously you wouldn’t of even thought about giving a chance. Even better when you’re optimistic people generally want to be around you more. Prodigal means “Giving or given in abundance; lavish or profuse”. So don’t just be optimistic – have prodigal optimism.

Coach Josh B
“The greatest adaptation in CrossFit takes place between the ears” – Greg Glassman CrossFit founder

Ready for some fun? Come get some! We’ll be doing this workout at every class today – but as always the big show is Friday night at 5:30pm!
Friday’s Testing
CrossFit Games Workout 12.3
18 Minute AMRAP
15x Box Jumps (24/20″)
12x Push Press (115/75)
9x Toes to Bar
Recruit Division: 75/45# (16″/12″)
Apprentice Division: 95/65#
Journeyman Division: Rx’d
Veteran: Rx’d
For all divisions – if you go ‘as prescribed’ you will score above anyone who does the scaled version for that division (i.e. 1 round with 115# push press for Apprentice will score above an apprentice who does 9 rounds at 95#) .