Monday – March 12

Monday – March 12

So…how was YOUR weekend?

Great work on 12.3 everyone! Fridays are amazing at High Voltage (but so are Mondays)…

 Your hard work and consistent training earned High Voltage the 14th top score in SoCal last week!

We are currently ranked 16th in the SoCal region – top 30 will go to the SoCal Regionals on May 11-13…

But to get there we’ve got to continue to give it our all…

And it starts by going back to our regular training on Monday.

See you all the box for more awesomeness!

Monday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

A1. Back Squat


A2. 20 sec AMRAP

1. Muscle Up

2. Handstand Push Up

3. Ring Dip

4. Push Ups

Start at your most difficult progression and work down (i.e. if you cannot do a muscle up you will do 2 sets of HSPU then ring dips then push ups etc)

B. 3 sets 1 Min per station rest 2 minute after 3 stations are completed

Start at any station…challenge yourself!

-Wall Ball


-Overhead Squats

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Overhead Squat

WOD: 5 rounds 3 stations 1 minute per station rest 1 minute after all 3 stations are complete

-Wall Ball


-Overhead Squat (out of a rack is ok)