Wednesday – March 14 – More ‘Homework’

Wednesday – March 14 – More ‘Homework’

  • We’re rolling over our ‘Guess the WOD’ contest…again! These have proved very difficult to guess. Post your guesses on this Friday’s 12.4 CrossFit Games Open Sectional WOD to comments. We’re giving away a 10oz bottle of Stronger Faster Healthier’s Omega-3 Fish Oil to the winner – Note: You need to choose the movements reps and time domain! It’s announced today at 5pm – and we’ll be trying to tackle it at every class on Friday – with the big show massage peeps and DJ at 5:30pm!

The importance of Mobility & Flexibility~

There are many things that make up the criteria for achieving elite fitness. Balance Endurance Strength and Skill are all very important pieces to the puzzle however I feel like flexibility gets left behind sometimes. It’s not quite as exciting to go home and say you PR’d on your inchworm or you added 5# to your  Samson Stretch. Flexibility can prevent injury improve agility and allow you to perform certain movements that simply cannot be performed efficiently with poor range of motion. So if your squat lacks some depth your overhead position feels very unnatural or your C&D causes you pain these can be signs that you need to improve in this area.

Here’s your homework for this week:

-Set aside 8 minutes of your day to stretch after your WOD:
#1 – accumulate 2 min Hurdle stretch for each leg
(Sitting on the ground one leg out lean forward and touch your toe.)

#2 – accumulate 2 min Pectoral stretch for each arm
(Grab a door frame/pole with one arm a little higher than your head’s height. Turn away from your arm. You should feel it stretch on your chest and bicep.)

This homework assignment is a great place to start – master these and we’ll start conquering some more advanced movements soon.

I can guarantee you that you’ll feel a difference very soon and it’ll give you more confidence in performing some of the more difficult movements. And sometimes that little bit of extra confidence can mean the difference between a poor score and a PR. Have a great week everyone!

Round 1 is all smiles…

But it always ends up the same…

Wednesday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

A. 1k Row for time

B. Max Effort L-Sit – 1 attempt

C. 3 Rounds for time

10x Burpees

20x KB Swings

10x V-Ups

Level 1 CrossFit


-Rowing Technique

-1k Row for time

WOD: 12 Minute AMRAP

10x Burpees

20x KB Swings

10x Sit Ups