Tuesday – March 20 – Kick at the End

Tuesday – March 20 – Kick at the End

  • Friday Night – Final Sectional WOD at 5:30pm at High Voltage! We want to give a huge shout out to everyone who has made it out for this event and we’re celebrating with a Post-WOD BBQ on Friday night!

We also want to give a huge shout out to our massage team who has been out for every Friday night sectional WOD giving  out free massages and helping us all perform our best.
Jessie Pickworth: jessie.pickworth@yahoo.com Lena Ashdjian: lena_ashdjian@yahoo.com and Kevin Ackad: getonthetable.com. If you’re in need of body maintenance give our peeps some love! They’ve been a huge help!
  • But the party doesn’t stop there! This Saturday at noon we’ll be heading over to CrossFit Pasadena for a Final Sectional WOD Bash with 2 of our best friends – CrossFit Pasadena and CrossFit 818. It’s going to be an awesome time of working out chalk and of course more celebrating – everyone is invited. They’ve already got food trucks lined up VitaCoco and WOD Gear. We’ll be leaving our box at 11am for everyone who wants to come have a great time. You don’t have to do the workout again to come out support the troops and have a blast! More info to follow – but there will be no Barbell class this Saturday at 11am.

Kick at the end…

Hey gang

We have one week left in the CrossFit Games Open Sectionals and it has been an eventful 5 weeks. Just like all of CrossFit training some workouts have worked out in our favor and some have left us somewhat frustrated. The important thing is to remember how much work that we’ve put in to prepare for this event. Our preparation and training over the past few months is truly something to admire and it would be a shame to finish off this competition with any regrets.

Here’s my idea – For this week’s WOD which will be released Wednesday lets go into it with an all-or-nothing mindset.

This is our last chance to leave our mark on the 2012 world-wide CrossFit Games Open Sectionals. For this last event think about how hard your fellow Volts and Vixens have trained and how much work each of you have put into it. Keep that thought present during your final performance because you are representing them just as much as they represent you.

Lets do it for CrossFit High Voltage. Lets do it for ourselves. But most of all lets show great pride and do it for each other. Have a great week everyone – and I can’t wait to see you on 12.5!!!

~Coach Joshua Murillo

Stay focused…we’re almost there!

Tuesday’s Training
All Levels CrossFit
A1. Press Complex
1x Press 3x Push Press 5x Power Jerk (the bar cannot be reracked during this set)
A2. GHD Sit Ups x 8
B. For time
800 meter run
10 of each
Hand Release Push Ups
DB Snatch (single arm – ground to overhead)
Double Unders
400 meter run
20 reps each movement
200 meter run
30 reps of each
So the run goes down but the reps go up. Movements stay in same order. Any Q’s just lemme know!
Level 1 CrossFit: 
Intro to GHD Sit Up
Press/Push Press Complex (for about 10 minutes or so)
3x Strict Press/5 push press
For time
800 Meter Run
10 of each
Hand Release Push Ups
DB Push Press (both hands)
Double Unders (3-1 Single unders)
400 meter run
20 reps of each
200 meter run
30 reps of each