Wednesday – March 21 – A Goodbye For Now

Wednesday – March 21 – A Goodbye For Now

I’ve lived in California for the past 8 years and out of that the best time I’ve had since I moved out here has been the past 3 years being a part of this AMAZING community and belonging to the greatest gym in the World. I’ve made close life long friends and those who I consider family.

That makes this all the more difficult…and with a heavy heart I must announce my departure. I will be moving back to Texas the first of April. I have some personal family issues going on and need to head back for a while I hope it will only be for a temporary time.

I can still remember vividly walking down Lankershim Blvd one late night 3 years ago…and came across a simple sign that read CrossFit. I thought to myself ‘how ironic’ as this was an answer to a prayer I had just asked for. For those of you that don’t know I’m a fairly spiritual man and at the time was working at 24 Hour Fitness I’d only heard about CrossFit but from what someone told me even though I didn’t know exactly what all this constantly varied whatchamacallit is.

I remember praying if only there was a CrossFit gym nearby my apartment and one that I could afford. The next night as I was walking down the street on Lankershim I came across CrossFit North Hollywood (as it was known then) I walked in to get some info and recognized a familiar face from 24hr Fitness – it turned out to be Tim. I had previously seen him do all these cool and crazy workouts at 24 and had always wanted to ask him what he was doing but he had the same look on his face that I had on mine when I worked out which was “Leave me alone – I’m in the middle of a WOD at 24 hour fitness!” – because if we didn’t have that look on our faces you’d never finish our WOD in between other people stealing your equipment!

I came to a class the very next day. My first workout was Fight Gone Bad and I knew Tim was testing me so I went all out – I had no idea about strategizing for the workout. I scored around a 180 reps the first round and then completely bonked the next two rounds. I remember that I didn’t even do box jumps on my third round because I was so juiced!. My total score ended up being 273 I was hooked from that point on.

I fell in love with CrossFit or more accurately the atmosphere and Community that Tim and Carly have created and the people who were and are still involved. I loved it so much that I finally got my act together became Level 1 Certified and asked Tim and Carly for a job. They welcomed me with open arms as did our members and after much guidance encouragement and support I began to find my groove. Coaching at High Voltage has been the greatest experience of my life and have learned so much. I cannot begin to express my love appreciation and just how much all of you mean to me.

Thank you all for your hard work for your patience and being so coachable. You’ve all turned a job into such an amazing memorable and enjoyable experience in my life. You’ve all helped me grow as a coach an athlete but most importantly as a human being. I will miss you all greatly and you will be in my prayers I know High Voltage will continue to grow prosper and continue to lead and forge a path in the Crossfit community. Until we meet again train hard encourage one another have fun and live completely.

Until we sweat again

Coach Joshua Boultinghouse

  • This stinks. Bolt has become a huge part of our High Voltage family been with us through the thick & thin and is hands down one of the most loyal people you could ever meet. He’s a hard worker a great coach and can name just about any movie quote you’d care to recite. We’re sad to see him go but again he’s the type of guy that would be there for you on a moment’s notice – and that’s what he’s doing for his family. He’ll always be a part of the High Voltage family whether I’m beating him in deadlifts here (ps that’s NEVER happened) or he’s beating me in muscle ups in Texas – we’ll see on this one…. – Tim

The only man strong enough to talk trash to Stefan post-WOD

And a great athlete and even better friend

Wednesday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

A1. Front Squat


A2. 5x Turkish Get Ups Each Arm – slow & steady

B -Rowing for time…this one is going to be ‘fun’

Row 750 meters

Rest 4 minutes

Row 500 Meters

Rest 3 minutes

Row 250 meters

Rest 2 minutes

Row 100 meters

Score is time for each interval (i.e. 4 total scores)

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Rowing

Row 300 meters x 3 sets – rest 3 minutes

WOD: 10 Minute AMRAP

1/2 Cindy

5x Pull Ups

10x Push Ups

15x Squats