Tuesday – March 27

Tuesday – March 27

  • Only 4 days left for our Regional Team T-Shirt Design contest. If you’ve got a great design for our Community to wear please email it to design@crossfithighvoltage.com by this Friday – you can submit as many designs as you like!

Our ‘Kettlebell Cooking Class’ “Foundations” course is coming up on Saturday April 21 from 1pm – 3:30pm. This 2.5 hour hands on seminar will be hosted by expert Chefs Stefan Niemczyk and Nikki Ledford. They will be covering everything from how to hold a knife correctly to how to best choose and prepare Paleo foods!

To keep the quality of instruction as high as the foods you will be preparing this seminar is limited to the first 20 people who sign up – and it sold out last time. The sing up sheet is next to the daily whiteboard at the box! The price is $30 for members of High Voltage and $55 for the general public.

  • Want to see all the other awesome Events we’re planning? Check out our ‘Events’ section on the website and stay in the game!

~Giving it your all

Recently in my workouts I’ve been torn between two different scores: the score I know I could have gotten and the score I actually got. Sometimes this has left me feeling discouraged post work out.

Upon reflection I am reminded that this is one of the beautiful things about CrossFit training. I am given an opportunity to face a truth that no one else can do anything to affect. I have to take complete personal responsibility for my momentary lack of commitment. No amount of talking strategizing dieting ice-bathing or resting can change my scores when I only give part of myself to my training.

It’s so honest and it’s so personal. I love it and embrace every opportunity I can to face that lazy slothful settle-for-less-than-best side of me.

Any time you leave the box knowing you held back don’t get discouraged but don’t forget it. Take the very next day as an opportunity to embrace it and change it!

~Coach Tyler

1 More Rep!!!

All Levels CrossFit

A1. Front Squat


A2. Weighted Pull Ups


B. Strict Press 4-4-4-4-4

C. 5 Min AMRAP – score is total combined reps

1 Min KB Swings

1 Min Goblet Squat

1 Min Burpees

1 Min Goblet Squat

1 Min KB Swing

Level 1 CrossFit: 

Skill: Front Squat & Rowing Technique

WOD: 3 rounds for total reps – 5 stations 1 minute per station rest 1 minute after all stations are complete – Score is total reps

-KB Goblet Squat


-KB Swing

-Back Extensions

-Row (for calories)