Wednesday – March 28 – Adventure WOD!

Wednesday – March 28 – Adventure WOD!

Unknown & Unknowable? Check!

We talk a lot about how our training at High Voltage is awesome – how CrossFit helps you do things you never thought you could and  how it can prepare you for almost anything.

And now it’s time to put yourself to the Unknown and Unkowable test.

The High Voltage Adventure WOD

What is an ‘Adventure WOD’ you ask? It is an Unkown group workout performed out in the elements!

For our inaugural Adventure WOD we are going to be hiking up the Burbank hill!

Everyone will meet at 9AM on Saturday April 28th at Crossfit High Voltage. From there we will drive up to the base of the hill and hike up together.

We will all be hiking together and we will have 3 different stop off points for all different levels (whether for your fitness level or you can only come for an hour or two) so everyone can participate…but as the Adventure WOD gets longer the harder/more fun it’s going to get.

-Recruit group: hikes the shortest distance/ most basic CrossFit movements
-Intermediate group: hikes an average distance/intermediate CrossFit movements
-Advanced group: hikes the longest distance/most difficult CrossFit movements

These groups are not based on your Baseline times but on how ‘Unknown’ you want to get!

We will be performing short WODs periodically throughout the hike! What’s WOD? Well wouldn’t that just ruin the ‘adventure’ part of it???

This will be our only class on that Saturday April 28 and of course all your friends and family are welcome to join in the fun.

Stay tuned for more posts & emails about what type of basic gear to bring full deets

-to the Unknown!

Are you ready to put your training to the test?

Wednesday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

A. Snatch Complex x 5 sets

3x Power Snatch – you must catch this in a quarter squat – no muscle snatch to press out (aka it’s not 12.2) – focus on pushing yourself down against the bar and tightening up

3x Behind Neck Push Press

3x Overhead Squat

B. Find 15 Rep OHS max

C. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off rotate – 4 sets for total combined reps – no additional rest period after 3 stations are complete

-Shoulder to Overhead (out of a rack is ok)

-Toes to Bar

-DB  or KB Hang Squat Cleans

Level 1 CrossFit


Overhead Squat

Kipping Pull Ups

WOD: 5 rounds – 3 stations – 1 minute per station – rest 1 minute after all 3 stations are complete

-Overhead Squat (Empty Bar)

-Pull Ups

-Lemon Squeezers