Thursday – March 29 – Design Contest!

Thursday – March 29 – Design Contest!

Hey Gang! 

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your t-shirt design! Get your design in as soon as possible as we will be choosing our winner over the weekend. You can design your t-shirt using any design software or any internet t-shirt design website.  Any submission must be sent to by 11:59 PM on Friday March 30th.

Our pre-order will take place from April 3rd-12th and we will have ‘test’ shirts available for everyone to try on to better place your order. Last chance everyone get your design in today!


The only thing missing from this photo is your design on RJ’s shirt!

Thursday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit:

A) Agility Work

B) For Time:

400m Run

15-12-9 of: Box Jumps & Sit Ups

400m Run

15-12-9 of: Wall Ball & Sit Ups

400m Run

15-12-9 of: Burpee & Sit Ups

400m Run

Level 1 CrossFit:

A) Mobility / Agility

B) 25 Minute AMRAP

400m (to start each round)


Box Jump

Wall Ball

Sit Up