Monday – April 2 – Feel the Love!

Monday – April 2 – Feel the Love!

April is here…and we’re ready to rock! You’ve helped make us the premier facility to train at and we’re set to show you just how awesome CrossFit training can be! We’ve got a ton of stuff planned for the month – we’re setting the bar high because we know how hard you all bring it…but this month we’re hoping you can keep up! Are you ready? Are you Ever Ready???

  • Saturday April 21 1-3:30pm – Cooking Class ‘Foundations’ Course – $30 for High Voltage members
  • Saturday April 28 9am -?? – Adventure WOD – Meet at High Voltage and be ready to head for the Hills!
  • The return of the Vixens class Benchmark WODs a new awesome new addition to our class schedule prep for Regionals & the announcement of our Regional Competition Team the best results EVER…and that’s just the start…get ready to rock and ‘feel the love’ this April at High Voltage!!!

You can’t outrun April…it’s going to make you awesome whether you like it or not…

Monday’s Training

All levels CrossFit: 
4 sets
A. Snatch complex – 3x3x3 – power snatch behind neck push press overhead squat
A2. Muscle up progressions x 5 reps (at most difficult progression)
On snatch lock into the catch not pressing it out!

B. ‘Amanda’
Muscle ups (rings then-/ bar muscle ups/ then 2&2 CTB pull ups & dips for each muscle up/ 3&3 pull ups & push ups per muscle up)
Squat snatch (135/95)  – The coaches are set to help you scale this WOD based on your own progression – be ready for an awesome WOD…and the gym record is 4:45…
Level 1 CrossFit: 
-burgener warm up & Snatch Progressions
-Overhead Squat – sets of 8 reps

Tabata – 8 sets of 20 sec work 10 sec rest – then rotate movements – start at any station
-Overhead Squat (out of rack)
-Pull ups
-Lateral hurdle hops (left & right makes 1 rep)
-Push ups

Score total combined reps