Self Analysis

Self Analysis

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Self Analysis~

Being able to analyze yourself is incredibly important in CrossFit. It’s also one of the most difficult things to do properly because addressing all of the areas you need work in CrossFit may seem overwhelming. This is partly because at the end of the day we know that the only thing that will cure our weaknesses is practice.

Something I’ve noticed recently is the need to address not just the movements that you’re bad at but the ones you simply don’t like to do. A little ‘self-analysis’ on myself recently again brought to the forefront my need to work on snatching. I know that I need work on snatches but I don’t mind working on them. I feel like it is kind of fun actually. However I straight up dislike doing pistols (single leg squats). I realized that my snatches are much more likely to improve because I’m much more willing to practice them. However each movement is just as likely to show up any day on the whiteboard as the workout.

To become the best CrossFitter possible it’s important to work on all of your weaknesses not just the ones you prefer. Every WOD is waiting right around the corner with another chance to work on your weakness and become a more well rounded and fitter person.

~Coach Murillo

Row Repeats anyone? Let’s come in and get it today!!!

Wednesday’s Training

All Levels

A. Hang Power Snatch Complex – Focus on making proper contact with the body and the bar out of the hang position. Keep your lats tight as you dip and bring your hips through to the bar.

Set of 3 each – Hang Power Snatch Behind Neck Push Press Overhead Squat
B. Find your 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat

C. 3 sets – score is your slowest time
Row 300 Meters
20x Wall Ball
10x Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Rest 3 min after each set

Level 1 CrossFit

Skill: Overhead Squat

1 minute per station x 5 sets
Overhead Squat
Push Ups
Row for Cal
Rest 1 minute after all three stations are complete