Tuesday – Team High Voltage

Tuesday – Team High Voltage

Tuesday – Team High Voltage

The 2012 CrossFit Games SoCal Regional Games are coming up in about 2 and a half weeks (May 11-13).

High Voltage has once again earned a place among the top 30 Competition Teams in SoCal by placing 18th in the CrossFit Games Open.

The next phase of competition is the last stop before the 2012 CrossFit Games.

To make it to the next spot we have had to choose a Team of 3 Volts 3 Vixens and 1 alternate for each.

So it’s about that time…I’d like to announce the 2012 High Voltage SoCal Regional Team.

First up on the the ladies team is Sarah!

She was on our team last year that came in 5th place at the SoCal Regionals. I remember when she started she told me she wanted to get better at the barbell and oly lifts. Has she improved? I guess you’ll just have to see her compete in Pomona…or come by to any class that she regularly crushes!

Next up is Lindsay.

Lindsay was also on our Regional Team last year. We love giving her a hard time because she doesn’t have a Facebook so I always make sure she knows I post super important things there that she’ll never get to know about. But it’s cool and she will literally do any workout I tell her no questions asked. She just does it and it shows in her results.

Rounding out our team is Katie!

Katie is new to the High Voltage Team this year but she has an awesome gymnastics background and puts in hard work every time I see her. Don’t believe me? Remember Sectional WOD 12.4 with the 150 wall balls? Remember how bad that sucked. Remember how your legs felt the next week. She ran the LA Marathon 2 days later. Nuff said.

Our final women’s team member is Hayley!

Hayley is the alternate for our Regional Team but she’s doing every bit of work as the rest of the group. You may know Hayley from the 6am class…or the 9:30am class or the 12:30 class…or the 4:30 class. She works hard she’s going after her goats and we’re excited to have her make the Team this year!

For the guys let’s start of with Steven who is returning from last year’s team.

Steven has been training with us for nearly 3 and a half years and it shows. When he started with us he had a 10+ minute ‘Fran’ time…not anymore. There’s a common theme about how diligent and detail oriented each of of these athletes are about their training and fitness and Steven epitomizes this quality. I can’t think of many WOD’s where he’s the absolute best at…but there are even fewer where he’s out of the top 3. And that is awesome.

Next up on the guys team is Stefan.

If you’ve ever hit a WOD with Stefan you’d never forget it. There’s a reason we call this guy the cheetah…they go from 0-100 in no time and go right after their prey. Stefan like Steven has been with us for nearly 3 years. He was always a talented athlete but had a lot of holes in his game. He’s probably followed my programming better than anyone for the last few years and it shows in his improvement.

Next up on the  Team is Nick aka Nick the cop.

Nick is the alternate on our guy’s squat this year and was a part of our Regional Team last year. He’s tough as nails and I can’t imagine the team without him. If you haven’t heard the story of Nick’s hands at Regionals last year and the pain he pushed through…better ask somebody.

Finally I’ll also be competing on our High Voltage Regional Team this year.

I’m extremely excited to be a part of this amazing group. Knowing how hard each of them is training and how much they’ve committed to representing themselves our team and our Community has helped me train harder than I have in years. I’ve always wanted to do the team and seeing just how much each of these individuals has put in made it so I couldn’t say no. If you know me you know that I’m always very proud of High Voltage and this experience training for Regionals has been another unforgettable one.

So…the big question everyone asks…how are we going to do?

Here’s how I answer it and it’s how I honestly feel. You can’t control the outcomes you can only control what you put in. I learned this early on as a fighter that if you tie your feelings to situations you can’t control you’ll never accomplish what you set out to.

We have set out to train as hard as we can. We have set out to make our High Voltage Community proud and to represent you all with honor. We have set out to have each other’s backs and give a performance we can be proud of. We have set out to make sure that our Full Effort is everyone’s Full Victory.

Tuesday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. 500 meter row time trial Skill: Push Press

  • Sets of 5 Reps

Jump Rope & Double Unders practice

B. 5 reps Every Minute on the Minute for 8 min

  • Push Press/Shoulder to Overhead with 75% of 1RMC.


  • 50 Burpees
  • Remaining Time is Double Unders

Score is double unders

WOD: 3 rounds 2 min per station. 1 minute rest after all 3 stations are complete.

  • DB Push Press
  • Jump Rope Passes (10 passes = 1pt)
  • Row for calories

Score is total points (calories + reps0