Benchmark Friday…what could it be???

Benchmark Friday…what could it be???

Benchmark Friday…what could it be???

Our final ‘Benchmark Friday’ of our Feel the Love month..jitters everywhere. It’s time to show up and perform. It’s time to put yourself on the line. Just thinking about benchmarks testing and competition with yourself can be enough to make your skin crawl.

But without benchmarks our methods would just be trickery or semantics designed to only show you the appearance of improvement but ultimately lacking in actual improvement. Quick results will happen but that is not our focus. Our focus and our specialty is on unlocking your full potential. This is something that happens over the course of years not weeks.

That means sometimes training is hard. That means sometimes it is exciting. That means truly mastering and becoming virtuous on the fundamental movements when you may  perceive good as being good enough. That means you will have to push through plateaus that appear to be dead ends. This ultimately makes the gains at the end even more meaningful because it is not the low lying fruit. This this is the good stuff. You have to work for the good stuff.

My parents martial art teacher gave me some advice when I was really young and everything seemed to take forever. He said that 6 months over the course of a year is a lot. But 6 months over the course of a lifetime is just a drop

Sometimes those 6 months are hard. But you have to go through them to get to your next task. What that task is? That brings us back to the unknown and unknowable.

But at least you’ll be ready for it.

Jordan...getting ready for anything


Friday’s Benchmark


21-15-9 reps for time

95/65# Thrusters

Pull Ups

Never done Fran before? Not to worry. We’re here to help you through it with the correct progressions and energy demands appropriate for your level. Done Fran a bunch? Then it’s time to do it with better form mental focus and positivity than ever before. It IS possible to PR on more than just your time.

Post your most memorable Fran experience to comments.