The Excitement is Building!

The Excitement is Building!

The Excitement is Building!

Hey Volts and Vixens ~  That’s right the excitement is building. Regionals are just around the corner and our team is more than prepared. CrossFit High Voltage is going to be represented on one of the grandest of all stages for CrossFit – The Road Towards the CrossFit Games.

As a community we are finding all the ways that we can support our team because this is going to require not just our 8 well trained athletes – but the support of our whole community.

Fortunately we have the best community of people on the planet! A Party Planning Committee has already stepped forward to head the task of getting support organized.

They’ve set up several ways for you to show your support for our team –  But don’t just take it form me here’s our Waffle WODing Mayor and proud part of the Party Planning Committee  Jeff Hopkins on ‘Cinco de Signo’ ~

“Don’t Siesta Join the Fiesta!
Cinco De Signo is gonna be a blast! Join us from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM this Saturday at the box as we make colorful signs to cheer on our Regional athletes!
And since we always go big (sorry grande) at CFHV we’ll also have cold margaritas chips and salsa and sizzling BBQ!
Do you need to be an “artist” or bring any crayons? No way Jose! We’ll have all the supplies…you just bring your desire to support our athletes. I know you have that!
Join us! Your sign WILL make a huge difference as our Vixens and Volts battle their way to victory May 11-13th. Gracias amigos! “
-Jeff Hopkins

Weekend Schedule:

Saturday –

9am – Level 1 CrossFit

10am – All Levels CrossFit

11am – Barbell Class

1pm – 3pm “Cinco De Signo”

 Sunday – 

10am  The Long WOD

11am  High Voltage Strength