Full Effort is Full Victory

Full Effort is Full Victory

Full Effort is Full Victory

Well it’s finally here. Regionals are this weekend in Pomona at the Fairplex.

Our Regional Team is going into battle and representing our entire Community. We’ve trained every day with you all in mind.

I get the question a lot – how do you think the team is going to do? Are you ready for this that and the other?

The only thing we can control is our effort. You cannot control who your opponents are who the judges are or what the WOD’s are. Only effort.

Getting ready for this competition has forced me to think back to when I was training for the Olympics. I fought all the time some competitions went well others…not so much. Most confusing for me was there were tournaments that I won and wasn’t very happy with my performance. There were times I lost and I knew the effort I gave in the ring and in the training leading up to the competition was every ounce of me that I had to give.

It was strange to disconnect outside results with my inner satisfaction.

Then a really interesting thing happened – the more I focused on my effort and performance the more I won. I almost never thought about winning. Really. Sure my end game was to win but that tells you nothing about how to win and most importantly WHY you want to win. I wanted to win because that meant I gave more than anyone else and that I dug deeper than anyone else – and that is what winning meant for me at its deepest level.

I’m honored to go in to battle this weekend with 7 of our hardest working Volts and Vixens who are in search of the same thing.

Now it’s just time to throw down.

“Satisfaction does not come with achievement but with effort.

Full Effort is Full Victory.”

See you all in Pomona –


Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!! Photo courtesy Billy Farah (Louie's cousin!)

Want to follow the action this weekend?

Here’s where you can find us (in Pomona and online)

And here’s when we’ll be up:

Heat times for Friday Sat & Sun.

  • Friday – WOD 1 for Teams starts at 10am and goes through 11am – High Voltage will probably be up around 10:20am
  • Friday – WOD 2 for Teams starts at 1:30 and goes through 2:45pm. High Voltage will probably be up around 1:30pm.
  • Saturday – WOD 3 for Teams starts at 9am and goes through 9:45am. High Voltage heat TBD.
  • Saturday – WOD 4 for Teams starts at 12:00pm and goes through 1:40pm. High Voltage heat TBD.
  • Sunday – WOD 5 for Teams starts at 8am and goes through 8:45am for the Womens team and 9:45-10:30am for the Men’s team. High Voltage heat TBD.
  • Sunday – WOD 6 is for the top 12 teams in the Region only. These teams will be decided after the 5th WOD is complete. This WOD goes from 12:15pm to 12:45pm.


  • Show your support for the High Voltage team with a status donation of ‘Full Effort is Full Victory’ and let the High Voltage Team know that everyone has their back! 

Friday’s Training: (reminder – closed Saturday & Sunday)

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

Murph Prep Day 12/30 –

  • A.Hang power clean
  • 8 min 3 rep emom (every minute on the minute for 8 minutes)
Murph Prep Day 12/30 –

  • Skill: Strict Press
  • 8 sets of 2 reps
B1. strict press
B2. ring pull ups amrap -2; (4 sets) looking for parallel grip.C. – Murph Prep-  tabata squat for max reps   – bottom to bottom = rx+
WOD: Tabata This variation-

  • 8 rounds 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest
  • Then rotate stations
  • tabata Row
  • tabata Squats
  • tabata Back extension
  • tabata Pull ups