Wednesday: Team High Voltage!

Wednesday: Team High Voltage!

Wednesday: Team High Voltage!

Our first ‘Team High Voltage’ meeting is taking place tonight Wednesday at 7pm at the box. It is an information meeting only and I hope to see a ton of you there!
Wednesday’s meeting as well as  participation on the Team is open to ANYONE and EVERYONE!  Team High Voltage is designed to be a community driven club foundation – we have set the team up to have room for 50+ people who are committed to taking their training to the next level. This means that even if you think you won’t make it to the Regionals or the Games next year you’re invited to be a part!

Some of the things that we’ll talk about at the meeting and will be included with your being a member of the team are:
      • One to two times a month Team High Voltage “outings” (meeting on location for a training participating in local athletic events specific skill training as a Team small group/partner training)
      • Box to Box competitions local competitions (NLI WOD Gear Games etc)
      • Team Jersey
      • Self-guided customized training schedule to address your personal weaknesses (‘goats’) and goals
      • Assignment by our Team Coaches (Tim Tyler & Pnutz) into small training groups/partnerships based on review of your training ‘goats’
      • Participation in the High Voltage Gauntlet
      • Eligibility for selection to the Open Team Regional Team & Games Team (*note – you must be part of Team CFHV to be considered for any of our 2012 competitions)


This is an information meeting ONLY.  If you think that this might be the right step for you or are at all interested please come! There will be time for signing up in the weeks following.  We will lay out the whole thing at the meeting and answer any questions.  If there is one meeting to make this one is it!
Hope to see you there!

Team Strength - the core of Team High Voltage

 For even more deets on Team High Voltage check out the page on our website here. 



Wednesday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

Murph Prep Day 18/30 – phase 3.

  • A1. Snatch Complex x 4 sets
  • 3x Power Snatch
  • 3x Behind Neck Push Press
  • 3x Overhead Squat
  • A2. AMRAP Clapping Push Ups (-2 reps)
  • Score is total combined clapping push ups in 4 sets
Murph Prep Day 18/30 – phase 3-Endurance

  • Skill – Overhead Squat
  • Sets of 8 reps
B. 3 Rounds – rest 1 min after each round

  • 1 min max cal row
  • 1 Min max double unders
  • 1 min Overhead Squats
WOD: 1 Min at each station 1 min rest after all station are complete

  • Row for Cal
  • Double Unders
  • Overhead Squats
  • Push Ups