Wednesday – ITP & Team High Voltage

Instructor Training Program 2.0 meeting tonight at 7pm at High Voltage. All interested Volts and Vixens are invited to come! Are you ready to go from an obsessed CrossFitter to an obsessed CrossFitter and awesome Coach? If so this is the meeting for you to come to. 

Sign ups start today for our inaugural launch of Team High Voltage! 

We’ve gotten a TON of interest for this program that’s been over 2 years in the making…so…I’ve compiled the top 5 Questions and Answers for why you’ve got to be a part of the first launch of The Team…aka…The Electrocutioners (cuz we’re killing WOD’s…get it…).

Even though today was designed as the initial sign up date for this program we’ve already had over 30 people join Team High Voltage…and now we’re ready for YOU!

1. Q: I’m not a Firebreather yet…is Team High Voltage for me?

A: Absolutely – Team High Voltage is designed to help take everyone’s training to the next level – whether it’s finally mastering your goats pushing your teammates going to a box to box competition or finally getting out there and going to your first legit CrossFit competition olympic weightlifting competition or 10k then Team High Voltage is for you!

2. Q: When will Team High Voltage meet?

A: Team High Voltage will meet 1-2x per months on the weekend depending on the time of year and training cycle we’re in (the schedule will be posted in advance). The sessions may have different focuses (sports performance recovery competition prep advanced skill progressions etc). Additionally at our first meeting.

  • Attendance is not mandatory – because we know that this program is so Awesome – and the members of Team High Voltage are so motivated that you’re going to do everything you can to attend…and if for some reason you can’t…you’ll still be responsible for completing all of your additional work.

3. Is Team High Voltage ‘only’ for competitors? 

A: No. Not everyone on Team High Voltage will compete although many members will. The main point of entry is dedication – dedication to making yourself and your teammates better. Competition is encouraged although not required. We will discuss the great benefits of having goals and deadlines to your training though such as improved & renewed focus minimizing ‘drift’ in your overall fitness and a greater sense of urgency to improve the weak parts of your game.

4. Who am I accountable to?

A: You are accountable to yourself…and to the entire Team. This program is designed for motivated CrossFitters who are going to take their efforts and make everyone around them better. Each member of Team High Voltage will be placed into a ‘small group’ of 4-5 athletes and headed up by one of our Regional Team members for additional accountability and feedback. The additional goat work that you will be given is for outside of class sessions – so it’s very important that everyone on Team High Voltage is goal oriented on GSD!

  • Team High Voltage will be headed by Coaches Tim Tyler & Pnutz. Team Captains are Regional Team Members Stefan & Lindsay.

5. Is it going to be fun?

A: Ok this isn’t a real question because everyone knows that everything we do here at High Voltage is super awesome and we always make sure to have the best time possible – whether it’s conquering Memorial Day Murph this coming Monday or making signs at our Cinco de Signo party – training is supposed to be fun…and Team High Voltage is going to be just that. Hard work. A ton of fun. And a new way to continue to push yourself to the best results of your life.

  • If you’ve read this far and you’re ready to step up your game – then Team High Voltage is for you. Sign ups are at the box next to the whiteboard starting today and going through Thursday May 31. The cost is $100 for the entire year (12 months) and includes a Team High Voltage jersey (only for Team members).

Got Heart? Our Vixens do - They Sweat CrossFit High Voltage!

Wednesday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

Murph Prep Day 24/30 – phase 4.A) 25 minute time cap:

  • A1. Mixed Grip Weighted Pull ups @ 21X0; 6 rounds
  • 4-4-4-4-4-4
  • Rest 30 seconds before A2
  • A2. Power Jerk; 5 rounds
  • 5-5-5-5-5
  • Rest 30 seconds before A1
Murph Prep Day 24/30 – phase 4.

  • Skill – Push Press
  • Sets of 4 reps
  • Focus on maintaing an engaged core while driving weight overhead
B. 2 minute rounds – 2 minute rest:

  • 1 minute max calorie row
  • 1 minute max rep Db push press
  • 2 minute rest
  • 1 minute max calorie row
  • 1 minute max rep toes 2 bar
  • 2 minute rest
  • 1 minute max calorie row
  • 1 minute max rep Db push press
  • Score is Total Calories + Total Reps.
These rounds are going to hurt. Enjoy.
WOD: “Murph” build up – Focus on steady breathing during jump rope – developing active rest!

  • 18 Minute AMRAP
  • 100 Jump Rope Passes
  • 10 Db Push Press
  • 10 Knees to Elbow