Friday: Up & Coming!

Friday: Up & Coming!

Friday: Up & Coming!


New Level 1/2 Class start this coming Tuesday & Thursday at 7am! I’m super excited about launching this new class. It’s specially designed for both new CrossFitters that normally take our beginners class AND our All Levels CrossFitters as well.

Building upon the 9 Fundamental CrossFit movements taught in Level 1 our Level 1/2 (one slash two) CrossFit class helps take your CrossFit training to the Next Level!

  • This class focuses on teaching beginning and intermediate level CrossFit movements and slightly more complex workouts than Level 1 gearing anyone up to do just about any CrossFit workout they could imagine!
  • Proper mechanics are emphasized while you will learn more about your own bodies energy system and performance.
  • This class is appropriate for all abilities.


Team High Voltage registration is extended 1 week! We’ve gotten some questions about Team High Voltage and exactly how awesome it’s going to be…

  • Answer it’s going to be crazy amounts of awesome to be exact!

If you’re someone who enjoys training hard if you’re someone who enjoys having goals and conquering them if you’re someone who makes other people’s training better then Team High Voltage is for you! Sign up is at the box next to the whiteboard and will go through next Friday. Get in the game and make it an even more awesome year!

The first Team High Voltage training session is scheduled for Saturday June 9 at 1pm. Stay tuned for an email with full details!


Our Vixens CRUSHING it!

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

 A x 4 sets

  • Power Jerk- Sets of 5 reps
B. Take 80% of heaviest 5 rep and perform AMRAP Power Jerk in 30 seconds
  • Rest 1 minute 3 sets total
 Skill: Press Push Press

  • Sets of
  • 3 Strict Press
  • 5 Push Press
C. 4 Rounds for time – rest each round is 1:1

  • 10 Wall Ball
  • 30 Double Unders
  • 10 V-Ups


WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP

  • 10x Wall Ball
  • 50x Jump Rope Passes
  • 10x Lemon Squeezers
  • Rest 30 seconds after each round