Friday, June 22: Summer is here!

Friday, June 22: Summer is here!

Friday, June 22: Summer is here!

Even though it’s felt like it for a while Summer is officially here! That means 93 days and 15½ hours of SoCal awesomeness and even more good times at High Voltage.

For those of you that got started in the beginning of this year – having your ‘summer body’ in mind was probably part of the reason. Take a minute to think back on all the hard work you’ve done…all the days of awesome CrossFit workouts improving your skills & strength step by step each day slowly improving your diet and setting your eating habits up for long term success and becoming a part of our awesome Community should be paying off handsomely (or beautifully for the ladies?) now that summer in here.

This is even more true for the Volts and Vixens who have been diligent in their CrossFit training and improved lifestyle over the 3 1/2 years that we’ve been handing out kick @ss workouts and coaching. Our program is not about being a quick fix and although you’ll start to see many changes right away the best changes are the lasting ones. They’re the jewels that not everyone can see right away or even in the middle of their journey. This group of CrossFitters can attest to how special these are from their own experience (and by crushing workouts).

But…what about those of you who haven’t started yet? Those of you who wanted to get started but decided to wait until next week until things ‘calmed down’ or until some artificial barrier was removed for you to finally achieve the results and lifestyle that you’ve always been capable of. When will the time be right? Will it ever be right? Is it too late and do you need to wait until your next set of New Years Resolutions?

The answer is that it’s never too late to take that first step. I’m sure many of you reading this felt like you’d waited way too long to get started doing CrossFit but once you did you realized that the time is always right to get going. Every day is a new opportunity to get a little bit better and another chance to move in the right direction.

What was the hardest thing in letting yourself get started doing CrossFit and achieving the results you always hoped you were capable of?

Post answers to comments.

Stephen and his wife Jennine have been training with us for a few months now and are both starting to reap the rewards.  Stephen just became the latest member of our awesome ‘4 Wheel Club’ – aka the proud owner of a 405# deadlift – and is at an all time LOW bodyweight. Booya!

Friday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. Max Rep Pull Ups – any style
Bx4 sets
  • B1. Strict Weighted Pull Up x 5 reps at 40×0 rest 30 seconds
  • B2. 20 AMRAP seconds static dips rest 1 minute

  • Kipping Pull Ups
  • Rowing Technique
C. AMRAP in 7 Minutes

  • Coaches’ Choice!
  • Each class will have a different 7 minute AMRAP finisher – and the Coach of your training session is going to decide on the spot!
  • Be ready for something ‘fun’ at each of your training sessions
WOD: For time

  • 500 meter row
  • 25x Pull Ups (Scale to jumping pull ups or ring rows)
  • 50x Push Ups (Scale to knee push ups)
  • 75x Sit Ups
  • 100x Squats