Wednesday: June 27: Gettin’ Ready!

Wednesday: June 27: Gettin’ Ready!

Wednesday: June 27: Gettin’ Ready!

Today we’re working more overhead lifts namely the Snatch  & Overhead Squat. These lifts are not only difficult as far as the compound movements are concerned they expose mobility and flexibility areas which need improvement and remediation. It is important to continually address mobility and flexibility – you can have all the strength in the world but if you are too tight to find the bottom of a squat – or an overhead squat you’ll never be able to truly express your power…and you’ll be ‘no repped’!

Luckily for us we’ve got Kelly Starrett aka K-Starr aka the Leopard King on our side.

In this video K-Start goes over some basic body maintenance movements to get your bodies ready for another awesome day of CrossFit hitting full range of motion and getting the most out of each of these compound full body movements.

For more awesome K-Starr videos check out his website daily (right after you check out ours) –

Marla mobilized hitting full range of motion and Beast Mode engaged!

Wednesday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A.  Ax4 sets:
A1. Hang Power Snatch + OHS rest 30 seconds
3 Hang Power Snatch into 3 OHSA2. Muscle Up Progressions5 Reps at your most difficult progression
Skill: Overhead Squat

  • Sets of 5 Reps
  • Arms fully extended
  • Bar staying over mid-foot through out lift

WOD = Full Tabata at Each Station

  •  Lemon Squeezers
  •  Push Ups
  •  Slam Ball
  •  Overhead Squat (from a rack)
B. 15 minute AMRAP

  • 5x CtB Pull Ups
  • 7x Bumper Plate Sit Ups
  • 9x Hang Power Snatch
  • -rest 1 minute after each round is complete