Fran Friday!

Fran Friday!

Fran Friday!

This weekend our 4 ITP Level 3 CrossFitters are going to get their Level 1 CrossFit Coaching Certification! If you’re in the know you know that at your L1 Saturday is ‘Fran’ day in addition to a ton of other awesomely fun & grueling tasks you have to do.

So in their honor and because they can’t join us today we’re all going to be doing ‘Fran’. Plus when you’re half way through the set of 15 reps and all that lactate starts to set in and your lungs are en fuego you can think of them not me. And that is pretty cool.

Done ‘Fran’ before? Post your goal time to comments. Haven’t done ‘Fran’ before? Post what you think all the fuss is about to comments. I mean it is only 90 reps…

Coach Glassman explains the origins of Fran. Check it!

Friday’s WOD: 

All Classes


21-15-9 Reps for time of

Thruster (95/65)

Pull Ups