Lean on me!

Lean on me!

Lean on me!

Hey Volts and Vixens – Hope everyone had a great holiday week and an even better time doing Helen this past Thursday!
I’m always talking about what different things make crossfit so special. The programming the coaching the accountability. The one thing that stands out over all of those is the bond you create with your fellow Volts and Vixens.

When you push yourself that hard reaching your breaking point and surrounded by your peers pushing you a bond is created that you rarely find elsewhere.  Maybe it’s a group of volt or vixens you’re used to training with or maybe its someone specific that really gets your excercise engine revving. Either way these connections are a big part of the CrossFit routine!
If you see someone whos name or Fran Time you don’t know introduce yourself. Be for them what other Volts and Vixens have been for you. Our community is so unique and its all of you who keep it alive.

Long time Volt duo Bryant and David!

Weekend Schedule:

Saturday –

9am – Level 1 CrossFit

10am – All Levels CrossFit

11am – Barbell Class

 Sunday – 

10am  The Long WOD

11am  High Voltage Strength