Thursday: Member Spotlight Time!

It’s Thursday and today’s the 2nd installment of our Summer ‘Grill & Chill’ series. That means a Benchmark WOD and the BBQ & Fire pit are ready to go. But that’s not all…we’re also busting out the Member Spotlight!

Today we’re putting Paul on blast. He is a really great guy to have in any of our training session. He is positive he constantly motivates everyone around him and best of all he’s super coachable and pays close attention to detail. It’s been a pleasure to watch him go from out of shape guy who wants to keep up on the basketball court to the guy whose friends come to the box to workout with us so they can be just like him now. Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.

So read up and show some love to Paul in comments!

Q: Describe your first work out (were you nervous? were you scared? did you puke? give us details!

I came in 15 minutes early on my first day at CrossFit High Voltage and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  All I heard was that CrossFit is a good total body workout.  As I was watching the previous class my excitement turned into fear and intimidation.  The workout of the day consisted of an AMRAP of Dumbell push press push-ups and box jumps.  At first I didn’t think it was too bad.  After the first couple rounds I started to really feel it.  Every round I start I felt like quitting. It wasn’t until I stopped and took a look around me.  Not only was I getting encouragement from the coach but from the other Volts and Vixens in that class.  This is something you will never get at your traditional big box gyms.  Yes my body was super sore but my addiction started after that night.

Q: Before joining High Voltage when did you know something had to change?

This happened approximately 9 months after my daughter was born.  One thing I forgot during those 9 months of joy and excitement was to take care of myself.  One day I got an invitation to play pick basketball. I said why not and laced up my shoes.  After the first couple of plays I started to gasp for air.  I couldn’t get into my defensive stance without my quads burning.  I couldn’t run and dribble the ball without fumbling it off my legs. I couldn’t shoot the ball without my arms feeling tight.   The same guys I was playing with were the same guys I used to run circles around all day.  It wasn’t too long before a friend of mine recommended CrossFit.  I scoured the web the very next morning looking for the closest CrossFit gym.  Called to set up my first session with CFHV and never looked back.

Paul getting his Memorial Day Murph on!

Q: Can you describe your most memorable CrossFit Experience for us?

Every day at CFHV is a memorable experience.  The one that comes to mind was my first experience with the “Filthy Fifty”.  Josh Bolt was teaching the class which consisted of only me and Eugene.  I didn’t know Bolt at the time and I was sure he didn’t know me.  Eugene told Bolt my name was “Allen”.  Throughout the whole 30 minutes it took for me to finish that workout Bolt was rooting and screaming “come on Allen” “You’re almost there Allen”!  Don’t ask me why I never corrected him!  Maybe I was too exhausted or maybe I just wanted to see how much longer I can get away with it.  Someone eventually corrected Josh at the end of the class and I swear I thought he was going to rip my head off.  Josh was a good sport about it and ever since then would call me Allen from time to time.  Come back soon Bolt!

Q: Can you tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join CrossFit High Voltage?

Definitely nutritional intake.  I have never been so conscious about what I eat or what I drink.  I even feel guilty taking down that once in a blue moon glass of jack on the rocks.

Q: Has there been a time that you have used CrossFit outside of the box?

To quote Jackie Chan from the movie The Karate Kid.  Kung fu lives in everything we do – and so does CrossFit.  It lives in how we put on a jacket it lives in how we take off a jacket it lives in how we treat people.  Everything is Kung fu. That’s how I feel about CrossFit.  Everything I do in life is CrossFit.  The stuff I put in my mouth the strength I have when carrying around my daughter in an amusement park and even telling myself mentally to do proper squat technique as I pick something up from the floor.  Everything is CrossFit!

Q: Who is your most idolized fellow Volt or Vixen?

Every fire breather every level 1 athlete every all- levels athlete and every coach affiliated with CFHV.  I’ve been here over a year and I know how hard it is to dedicate one hour from our busy schedule to come in and CrossFit – especially the waffle wodders!  I don’t know where you guys get the extra motivation to wake up early in the morning to not just work out but to Crossfit.  I admire you guys.  If I had to pick one person and I’m about to take a page from Craig Lacko’s brown nosing 101 it would have to be T-Thack.  I’ve never seen anybody with so much passion with what they do.  Not only is he busy running the business side of CFHV he takes the time in coaching and bringing the best out of every volt & vixen.

Paul getting through the middle on his first muscle up! Yeah Buddy!


Q: What is your favorite cheat meal?

Corner Cottage breakfast burritos!

Q: How has getting in shape changed your professional life?

My job does not require any physical strength or endurance but the act of doing CrossFit and being on Paleo has helped me feel better throughout the day.  I find it easier to wake up in the mornings and never wanted to take a nap after a meal.

Q: What is your one year CrossFit goal?

In one year I’d like to Overhead Squat my body weight.

Thursday’s Training: 

Advanced class at 4:30 is ON today.

Level 1 CrossFit

Level One/Two CrossFit

All Levels CrossFit


  • Broad Jump Test x 3 attempts
  • Feet together land together



  • Rowing Technique
  • Thruster Review

WOD: “Jackie”

  • For time:
  • 1000 meter Row
  • 50x Thruster (45/33#)
  • 30x Pull Ups
A. Jump Tests:A1. Broad Jump Test (from CrossFit Games 2012 on Wednesday)Best of 3 attemptsA2. Standing Triple Jump Test (both feet single leg opposite leg)Best of 3 attemptsB. “Jackie”

  • For time
  • 1000 meter row
  • 50x Thruster
  • 30x Pull Ups


A. Jump Tests:A1. Broad Jump Test (from CrossFit Games 2012 on Wednesday)Best of 3 attemptsA2. Standing Triple Jump Test (both feet single leg opposite leg)Best of 3 attemptsB. “Jackie”

  • For time
  • 1000 meter row
  • 50x Thruster
  • 30x Pull Ups