Wednesday: A Team Effort!

This past Saturday I competed in the California State Games for the sport of weightlifting. I’ve competed on and off in weightlifting for a few years now and after this years’ SoCal CrossFit Regionals I thought it might be fun to step back on the platform again. It was. I had no expectations going into this meet which was actually really cool for once – I just wanted to do something for myself and in a venue where I could give my Full Effort. So many times we and I get caught up in how we perceive that we are supposed to be doing and where we think we should rank that we lose sight of doing the task for the sheer enjoyment of doing it. That was pretty much my only goal in Saturday’s competition – go out and do my very best.

The meet was at CrossFit SoCal in San Diego. The way that weightlifting meets go is that you start off with the lightest lift and the bar can only go up in weight. You get 3 attempts at your best snatch and then later 3 attempts at your best Clean & Jerk. If the lift is not up to strict competition standards it’s a ‘No Rep!’ The athlete with the highest combined 1 rep Snatch + their Clean & Jerk wins.

I was the last one in my session to go and  I started to get a little nervous. Should I lower my opening weight so it’s a really safe #? I almost did but I told myself that I didn’t come here to win – I came here to give my full effort and attempt the lifts and #’s that I’d been training for. When I finally got on the platform I Snatched a personal competition PR of 100kg (220#) and was feeling really good…but my day wasn’t done yet. To qualify for the American Open a prestigious national weightlifting competition I’d need to Clean & Jerk 255# (116kg). My first 2 lifts went up pretty well and I’d already set a competition PR of 113kg (249#). Even with that on the line I didn’t change my approach – I made sure to keep going with what worked – and that was having fun. I went up to the bar everything felt good and I let it go. I mean that’s what we train for – to go up and prove what you are capable of. There’s no sense in holding back at that moment…when in fact THAT is the moment you’ve been training for. You have to let yourself do what you are capable of doing and believe it or not this is actually a really hard thing.

By making that last lift I won the state championships (for the 69kg division – 152#) and qualified for the American Open. That’s a pretty good payoff for just wanting to go out there and giving my Full Effort. Even if I hadn’t won there was really nothing else I could have done to perform better. This made me even more happy with ‘how’ I performed rather than solely on the result of my performance.

And even though weightlifting seems like a solo sport in the end I really didn’t go it alone – it definitely wasn’t a solo effort. I’m very lucky to have an awesome team helping me run High Voltage in the most professional manner so I can take additional time out of my day to put my full effort into my training. I am lucky to have Stefan’s nutritional company ‘Elite EATS‘ prepare all of my meals and make sure I’m taking care of my body through all the training. I did all my own programming for this meet but I was lucky to be taught by some incredible coaches like Coach Takano and I augmented my routine with additional accessory lifts and concepts that we find success in every day at High Voltage. I’m also very lucky to have a supportive wife thinks it’s ‘cool’ to go to a weightlifting meet on the way to our weekend get-a-way. Yup I’ve got quite the Team behind me!

So next up on my agenda is training for the American Open along with a few local CrossFit competitions this fall. I’ve been ‘persuaded’ into posting my weekly training here along with a little perspective on how I think I’m doing in all my different training. Let’s see what the next 4 months have in store!

Here’s my 220# (100kg) Snatch from Saturday.

Even when you think you’re all alone and giving it everything you’ve got…

You’re not….a big support system helps everyone (including your coaches!) give their full effort and keeps us all accountable! Great job Norma and all the Waffle Wodders!

Wednesday’s Training 

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. Hang Power Clean –

  • Every Minute on the Minute for 8 minutes x 5 reps
  • Same weight across
 Skill: Med Ball Clean

  • Hang Power Clean Progressions
B. Full Tabata at each station start at any station for ‘low score at each station’ – steady work across is the goal –

  • KB Swings
  • KB Clean (same weight as KB Swing)
  • 10 meter side shuffle (lateral)
WOD: Full Tabata at each station 30 seconds rest while during rotation – total repetitions is score

  • Med ball Clean
  • KB Swing
  • 10m Sprint