Thursday: Member Spotlight Time!

That’s right this week you’ve got a 2fer on the Member Spotlight – maybe it’s because you all are just so stinking awesome that we can’t shut up about it or stop bragging to everyone how great of a Community we have or maybe…which reminds me – Summer Grill & Chill series is ON today! BBQ & Fire pit every Thursday night all summer after our benchmark WOD each Thursday.

This Thursday’s Spotlight is shinning some High Voltage love onto Roxy. Roxy’s been training with us for about 6 months now. She came in very shy and unassuming and I really do love it when people come in like that and they break out of their shell. She’s absolutely a blast to have in her training sessions she pays close attention to her form and also makes sure to have a good time and congradulate everyone in her session once they’re done. Aint that the way it’s supposed to be 🙂  Let’s get this Thursday started right and show Roxy some love in comments!

Describe your first workout for us…and you know we gotsta have the deets!

Oh man! First class? The intro class was intense!!! I was little intimidated walking in and seeing everyone so buff and toned and here I come doing the baseline huffing and puffing drenched in sweat reminding myself not to pass out in front of Tyler.  I was back the very next day high fives were being thrown around to greet me smiles left and right everyone was introducing themselves to me I was like “alright I could get use to this!” And Tom was awesome I didn’t feel lost I might have sucked but I felt challenged and eager to do more.  Yup I felt like a champ after my first class.

Roxy dialing in her technique while her Vallejo workout buddies watch her!

Before joining High Voltage when did you know something had to change?

I knew something had to change when I realized when my chubby butt was going up in jean sizes and my belly hasn’t been flat since the age of 5.  I started feel uncomfortable in my own clothes.  I tried the gym…got bored after a few months.  A friend mentioned crossfit to me but I was yeah yeah yeah its probably not going to work just like the gym didn’t work BUT then it must have been fate calling cause I stumble onto the Crossfit Games on TV and I said “DAMN! I wanna do that!” And here I am.

Can you describe your most memorable CrossFit Experience for us?

The open sectional workouts! Oh man they were fun! Such high energy! You could feel everyone’s excitement and nervousness; it was like being a kid again.  I was sore like a mother f***** for weeks but it was a highlight!

Can you tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join CrossFit High Voltage?

My eating habits and understanding fitness not only exercise but a lifestyle.

Has there been a time that have you used CrossFit outside of the box?

Everyday all day! Especially when lifting I remember to use my legs.

Who is your most idolized fellow Volt or Vixen? Share the spotlight love!

Charissa Kiefer. DAMN! That girl is a rock!  It’s pretty awesome to see her workout and keep up with the boys.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Pasta and tacos. Not at the same time of course.

Roxy when she first got started working on her overhead squat progressions

How has getting in shape changed your professional life?

Oh man I have to say its help my confidence the film business is a all about selling yourself with confidence and thanks to CFHV I feel like I’m getting closer to absolute confidence pretty soon your gonna be calling me cocky roxy! Just kidding.

What is your one year CrossFit goal?

To do pull-ups without any assistance.

Thursday’s Training (Firebreather Class is ON at 4:30pm today – who will be the next person to attempt to ‘test in’?

Benchmark Day! 

Level 1 CrossFit

Level One/Two CrossFit

All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Kipping Pull Up progression & Movement standards

WOD: 5 rounds for time scale to 3 rounds for time once reps are scaled

  • Lil’ barb = 10x Pull ups 20x Push Ups 30x Sit Ups 40x squat rest 3 min x 5 rounds
  • Mini barb: 5x Pull ups 10x push ups 15x sit ups 20x squats rest 3 min x 5 rounds
Skill: Review Kipping and progressions for stringing pull ups together

WOD: “Barbara”

  • 5 Rounds for time rest 3 minutes after each round
  • 20x Pull Ups 30x Push Ups 40x Sit Ups 50x Squats
  • 45 min cap
Skill: Review movement standards and progressions for pull ups

WOD: “Barbara”

  • 5 Rounds for time rest 3 minutes after each round
  • 20x Pull Ups 30x Push Ups 40x Sit Ups 50x Squats
  • 45 min cap