Tuesday: Community, Accountability, Loyalty!

Tuesday: Community, Accountability, Loyalty!

Tuesday: Community, Accountability, Loyalty!

We’re very happy to start this Tuesday off with a special ‘Guest Blog’ from our own ‘Monster’ Dan Crawley. Dan’s been with us for a while now and has transformed from guy who wonders what the heck CrossFit is about to a leader in our Community and is on his way to becoming a great coach. Last Thursday he led our Level 1 CrossFit class during the workout ‘Barbara’ when some High Voltage awesomeness went down. Here’s Dan’s recap of another special night at High Voltage:

“There are lots of reasons that we all begin a fitness routine. Whether it be to get back into the shape we used to be get ready to “de-shirt” at the beach fit into those old jeans get stronger train to fight crime at night in a mask and cape or heroically slay dragons in the village…ok maybe the last couple are a stretch.
The point is it usually has to do with vanity and aesthetics above most of the other factors if we’re going to tell it like it is.  Any globo-gym and basic workout scheme found in the myriad of fitness magazines will certainly do the trick.  Exercise is a monotonous boring and likely solitary task that is necessary if you want to look good naked and that’s about it.  I mean nobody joins a gym to make lots of friends and be part of a bigger community right?  Actually as most of you know by now while probably the last thing you expected in CrossFit gyms around the world COMMUNITY is what keeps everybody “drinking the kool-aid” and coming back day after day.
My days at High Voltage are filled with tons of awesome memories with our community inside and outside the box.  There is one event in particular though that took place this past Thursday at our Level 1 class that is my favorite so far and I’ll never forget.  Benchmark Thursday and the workout was “Barbara”.  5 rounds for time of 20 pull-ups 30 push ups 40 sit-ups and 50 air squats.  A grueling gauntlet of movements and especially in a Level 1 class full of many athletes still new to Crossfit an incredible challenge.  Like every class myself and Coach Tyler reminded everybody that as they finished to find somebody that was still working and encourage them until they finished.  A common sight that we see every day and certainly expect.  None of us are finished until we all finish together.
But then something really cool and completely different started happening.  Instead of just counting off reps and shouting encouragement until someone finished I saw the athletes who were counting start to do the final squats with the other person!  A pretty cool sight for sure but even that happens regularly even in our beginners classes this energy is infectious.
Here’s where it got really special. It all came down to our final athlete Monica surrounded by a cheering class finishing her WOD.  Derrick shouted “Let’s all do the last 50 squats with her!”  Without hesitation a class of over 20 circled around and we all did those last 50 squats shouting out every rep together.  It was so infectious people from the “Grill n’ Chill” came running in and started squatting.  Keep in mind that this class many of whom are newer athletes had just completed up to 250 squats!  Despite this everybody readily showed their support for someone else despite their own fatigue.
Needless to say the room was electric the bond was amazing and there was a huge smile on every sweaty face as we all finished together as a COMMUNITY.  Sometimes the thing you least expect to find turns out to be the most rewarding part of the experience…and don’t worry you’ll still get to look good naked.”

The magic of Community last Thursday during Barbara per Dan’s story mid squat at High Voltage! “We’re not done until everyone is done!”

Tuesday’s Training

Level 1 CrossFit

Level One/Two CrossFit

All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Rowing Techinique & Team Row ContestWOD:

  • 2 rounds For Total Reps;
  • 2 minutes per station;
  • Rest 1 minutes after all stations:
  • Pull up
  • DB See-Saw Press (alt arms)
  • DB Front Squat
  • Sit Up
A. Handstand and Muscle Up ProgressionsB. Scaled “Nate” 20 Min AMRAP

  • 2x Muscle Ups
  • 4x HSPU (box HSPU)
  • 8x KB Swings
Scalings will use pull ups to ‘As Difficult as possible’ to help athletes continue to learn their progressions + dips keeping power output high


 A. Row 350m x 3 sets

  • Score is total combined Calories

B. “Nate” 20 Minute AMRAP

  • 2x Muscle Ups
  • 4x Hand Stand Push Ups
  • 8x KB Swings (70/44#)

Yes there will be ‘lots’ of scaling and progressions 🙂 We got you! #YOLO