Wednesday: Accountability

Wednesday: Accountability

Wednesday: Accountability

We’re one week out from the opening registration date for the Whole Life Challenge and things are starting to heat up. We’ve got an awesome line up of learning events and prizes ready for you all…but that post is for another day.

Today is my weekly check-in and accountability for my training for the American Open Weightlifting Championships this December.

To start it off pretty rough week of training once again. The squats first before my lifts are really starting to get hard. It’s usually something like 4 sets of 4 reps across for squatting to start then sets of 3 or 4 squat snatches for about 6 sets (up to 80 or 85% of my projected 1 rep max) 3&1 clean & jerks (3 cleans then 1 jerk) for about the same. I’m hitting about 75% of my snatches and about 80% of my clean & jerks which isn’t bad but it’s definitely not awesome. But wait…there’s more! Accessory lifts are next with snatch high pulls or clean extensions then finish up with some sort of pressing overhead and either good mornings or RDL’s which gave me stank leg walk at Eric & Nikki’s wedding over the weekend.. My overhead position is by far the worst part for me so I’ve got to make sure and spend additional time every couple of days and work on it without overdoing it.

On Monday at the end of my session I was pretty freaking exhausted and was breathing really hard. The 3&1 clean & jerks were really tough and I was trying to keep my rest short enough that my legs would have to keep struggling and my body would have to adjust. Then Carly came in. She asked I was doing and I told her I was lifting then she laughed. She honestly thought I’d been either running or rowing. Yeah good times.

The other part of my training I really struggle with is my diet. Not necessarily eating poorly just not eating enough or ‘forgetting’ to eat. It was great when I was fighting at 127 pounds – yup for 10 years – but getting through these sessions is tough enough without anything in my stomach. I’m a habitual breakfast skipper and a habitual half meal eater if there even is such a thing. The breakfast thing is one reason I’m really looking forward to the WLC (Whole Life Challenge for you noobs). I never felt better than when I was training for SoCal Regionals with our Team and I was eating really consistently. My lunch & evening meals from Elite Eats are awesome but I just dig myself a hole by the time I get to the box. It’s these little things that really add up a lot when you’re trying to build up to a big performance so I really just need to ‘make’ it a priority. You’ve always got to start at the goal and work backwards and then take the steps to make your goals a reality so I know what I’ve got to do…and there’s nothing more frustrating when you don’t reach a goal when it’s for a silly reason like not eating breakfast…or not taking your fish oil…I could go on.

Other than that the Prowler still sucks just as much as I remembered it. I don’t need to go into it but it ruined most of my Tuesday. I realized that I’m attending a wedding in October the same weekend as the final tune up meet for the American Open so I’ll have to skip…the meet. When I was competing in taekwondo this would have been a no brainer on the side of skipping the wedding. But mature Tim is trying to balance out athletic Tim now a days. But I now have to find a new meet that isn’t too close to the American Open but will make it so I haven’t been off the lifting platform for too long. The issue is this – getting in a competition right now doesn’t help me because I’m not doing lifts very close to my max – so I need a meet that is close enough to put myself on the line but still have time to make some adjustments and make them work before I compete. Even though it’s 4 months away I need to figure this out pretty quickly.

Last thing before I leave I’m projecting my new 1RM lifts in December to be 107 & 122 (235# snatch and 268# clean & jerk for my public school friends) for the 69kg (151 pound) division. I’ll talk more about how I got to these numbers next week and how that fits in to my training and the competition. Until then I’ll see you all at the box.

Getting after it!


Wednesday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

Ax 5 Sets

  • 3 Position Power Snatch
  • High Hang Knee Floor
 Skill: Review Med Ball Clean

  • Overhead Squats in sets of 5 reps
B. 15 Rep Max Overhead Squat


C. Alternating Tabata

  • Hang Power Clean
  • Burpee Box Jump
WOD: Alternating Tabata:

  • Med Ball Clean
  • Burpee Parallette Jumps