Monday: Full Effort!

Monday: Full Effort!

Monday: Full Effort!

This past Saturday Team High Voltage rolled 14 people deep to the Next Level Invitational in Laguna Niguel.

Our competitors were made up from a mix of first time competitors and members of our Regional Competition Team.

We spent all day out in the sun sweating out every single rep they’ve worked to earn over the past months. Each of them represented our gym to their fullest capability and showed why we say that our ‘Full Effort is Full Victory’.

There were huge breakthroughs all around – from Dan who had literally never competed in athletics in his life to Hayley who was on the cusp of going in the intermediate division but pushed herself outside of her comfort zone and rocked the advanced division to Katie Schwing who took first place in the women’s Division 2…I could go on and on.

The performances were epic and the outcomes don’t quite matter as much. I’ll never forget the look on Coach Jose’s face as he finished his last burpee box jump and stood on top of the box proud and accomplished. Every competitor on our Team had a moment like that and that’s why we put ourselves on the line. That’s the type of moment you can only get from competing and taking yourself outside of your comfort zone.

This doesn’t mean to get that you must go to the NLI or the CrossFit Games or The Olympics – it’s way deeper than that. It comes from the effort you put into your training and holding yourself accountable. It comes from a Community of people holding you accountable to what you can do. It comes from you internalizing that message and showing what you are capable of to your friends and family and inspiring someone who you didn’t ever think you’d reach…and then that cycle continues.

Show some love to our competitors who represented each and every one of us in comments.

  • And thank you to everyone who ‘liked’ our photo on Facebook for the Whole Life Challenge. Stay tuned for ‘Burpee-palooza’ coming up…and in honor of that we’ve got a few burpees today to get everyone in the mood. 🙂

Team High Voltage: Full Effort is Full Victory!

Monday’s Training: 

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A1. Front SquatA2. Weighted Strict Pull Up

  • Sets of 3 Reps for each going up in weight
 Skill: Front Squat

  • Sets of 5 Reps
B.WOD: For time in tabata sets

  • 75 Burpees for time done in tabata rounds
  • 20 sec work mandatory 10 second rest.
  • Then 75 DB Push Press for time done in tabata rounds

  • WOD: 10 rounds of 30 seconds work and 15 seconds rest: Burpees then
  • 10 Rounds of 30 seconds work and 15 seconds rest KB front squat