Wednesday: Registration Day

Wednesday: Registration Day

Wednesday: Registration Day

It’s here…the very first day of The Whole Life Challenge initial registration day. Registration starts at 8am PST TODAY!

Please click here at and register at at 8am PST.

We’ve even got a little something special for the first 10 Volts & Vixens who register: 1 Private Training session to work on skill of your choice! How’s that to get you going and ready to head into full gear?!?!

There’s also going to be a huge prize for getting your friends & family registered to roll out…but remember…first you’ve got to get registered and lead by example.

Important dates for you:

August 15-Sept 8: Registration for the WLC

September 15: The WLC Prelims (WOD & Measurements)

November 10: The WLC Finals

-There will be weekly prizes as well as overall cash prizes for participants of the WLC!

So before we get into today’s WOD I do want to have a real moment with everyone in the High Voltage Community. This applies just as much for those of you who are gung ho on doing this Challenge and those of you that are still on the fence.

-I’ve been posting writing and talking to you all a lot about this Challenge – probably more than you normally see me do on just about anything.

Why is that?

I feel that this Challenge will help everyone in our Community with some area of their performance & progression in CrossFit and even more importantly – your overall health and fitness. I’m doing the WLC my wife is doing it I’ve gotten my Mom to commit to doing it and to help get her ready for her biggest competition ever and my sister is getting closer every day (She’s currently at Stage 4 on our 7 stages of WLC commitment). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with how much I believe in the WLC and how awesome it’s going to be for us in some or all aspects of our fitness game.

I’m challenging everyone in our Community to step up to the plate with me. I’m challenging each and every one of us to get out of our comfort zone. I’m challenging everyone who’s new to High Voltage to jump in with both feet and not let 6 months go by when you could be getting those results now. I’m challenging our Waffle Wodders to show everyone that it can be done bright and early even before the sun comes up. I’m challenging everyone at our Barbell Strength class at 8:30pm to show that you can get really strong through being even more accountable and using fish oil & mobilization. I’m challenging our Firebreathers Coaches ITP and Team High Voltage members to continue to lead our community by their great examples and show everyone how we never stop achieving because we never stop taking on a new challenge.

And most importantly I’m challenging each and everyone of you to take this Challenge on with your Full Effort. That’s our gym motto for a reason right? It’s our underlying principle for how we can approach any of life’s ‘known and unknown’ challenges. It’s gotten us this far let’s have our Full Effort lead us through the next set of challenges and hurdles as well. –

Now that you’re all ‘Fired Up’ here’s the registration link again: To our cumulative Full Effort!

Full Effort always – whether you’re first last or somewhere in between – always Full Effort!

 Wednesday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

Ax3 sets

  • A1: Row 300m into
  • A2: L-Sit : 20 seconds


 Skill: Double Unders & Wall Ball
  • B. 1 min on 1 min off – 2x
  • through start at any station
  • Round 1:
  • 5 Wall ball 5 Sit Ups
  • Round 2:
  • Row for cal
  • Round 3:
  • 5x Slam Ball 5x burpees
  • Round 4:
  • 10 meter bear crawl & 2 burpees at the end of the 10m
  • Score is total reps completed.
WOD: 15 minute AMRAP

  • 3 x 5 min AMRAP back to back
  • 1st 5 min = 5 wall ball 5 sit up
  • 2nd 5 min = 20 rope passes 3 jumping lunges each leg
  • 3rd 5 min = row for cal