Friday: Support!

Friday: Support!

Friday: Support!

Hey Volts and Vixens Coach Tyler here! I don’t know about you but I’m using this lead up time for this Whole Life Challenge to slowly start getting the little things in order. For me this will mostly entail making sure my daily routine has that hour set aside for the training that I need to do so starting September 15th I’ll be all systems go. I really appreciate knowing I can count on my fellow Volts and Vixens to help me through this transformative 8 weeks with each of you.

I love finding examples of the unique camaraderie that exists in CrossFit. Our community is one where everyone wants nothing more than the best for their fellow WOD warriors. Wether it’s transitioning into a paleo lifestyle or it’s applying that right degree of peer pressure to help someone make that jump into All Levels Volts and Vixens only want the best for each other. Where else will you find a group of friends who even if they might not choose it for themselves will support you in whatever choices you make with out blinking.

I think this picture embodies my message best:

Alex basking in the copious amount of morale support!

And now announcing our winners from our first Whole Life Challenge challenge…they each receive a free private training session to work on anything of their choice! These were the first 10 registrants for the WLC (all registered within :30 minutes of the launch!)- we currently have over 60 Volts & Vixens registered in just over a week! WOW!!!

#10: Jennine Matthias
#9: Dan Crawley
#8: Tarah VanHooser
#7: Tim Urian
#6: Jose Alvarenga
#5: Melissa Arredondo
#4: Arielle Folio
#3: Stefan Niemczyk
#2: Craig Lacko
And the very first member of High Voltage to register: Edgar Pejoro!

If you thought this was big we have  a HUGE contest coming up on Monday…stay tuned and let’s have an awesome weekend of training!

 Friday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. 8 Minutes; Every Minute On the Minute

  • 3 x Power Clean into
  • 3 x Power Jerk
  • Must be Touch and Go!


 Skill: Med Ball Clean and The Hang Power Clean!

  • Med Ball Clean Technique
  • Review and Practice of the Hang Power Clean
B. Turkish Get Ups!

  • 40 Reps For Technical Quality
  • 20 Reps Each Arm
  • Focus will be on proper execution of this movement
C.  The 2 Minute Slam Ball Challenge!
WOD: Full Tabata at Each Movement for Low Score:

  • Ball Slams
  • 10m Bear Crawl
  • KB Swings