Wednesday: 08.29.12: Accountability

Wednesday: 08.29.12: Accountability

Wednesday: 08.29.12: Accountability

    • 3 quick announcements: 1. Labor Day Schedule: No classes on Sunday 12:30pm ONLY on Monday. Bring your friends & family – we’re calling this one the ‘Labor Day Massacre’ – not sure if that’s ‘too soon’.
    • This Thursday is our final ‘Grill & Chill’ along with the final Benchmark WOD of the summer. Even cooler we’re launching our very own Benchmark! What is it? You’ll have to wait and see – but I do believe it’s pretty awesome (plus I designed it). So come out and finish the summer off right with us – bring some food for the BBQ and let’s have some more good times.
    • We have a limited supply left in our stock of Recovery Protein and Omega-3 Fish Oil before our next shipment is in. If you’re leaving town for labor day and want to stay on top of your recovery pick some up quickly – first come first served.

AND…it’s Wednesday and it’s that time again – yup time for me to put my butt on the line and tell everyone how my training is going for the American Open Weightlifting Championships this December.

First things first my training is actually going pretty well. I’m in the middle of a really tough ‘beat up’ cycle but like I said last time you’ve always got to work backwards from your goals and that leads me back to right here. My hands though they really hurt right now. How bad are my hands? Think of something really old and messed up and hurts. That is how my hands are – they’re exactly like that thing you just thought of (I’m still working on mastering the basics of analogy & metaphor). Seriously though after years and years of getting my hands kicked from fighting they’re jacked. My left hand in particular is covered in scar tissue and has been broken several times in several places- the last time has resulted in my left thumb unable to extend at the base joint without the next joint dipping down. Yeah good times (and a great anatomy lesson). The first few snatches every day are usually rough but there’s no changing the fact that this is just how my hands are going to be. They’re not getting worse from it and it’s just painful so it gets filed in the ‘just deal with it’ category. As an athlete you end up having a lot of things in your life that get lumped there. If I never did anything again they’d still hurt AND be out of shape. Easy choice for me.

Now for the training program itself. I’m in a big volume & strength phase for this mesocycle. My program varies on each days volume and intensity but the really rough days go something like this: 60% of my projected max for 4 reps 70% of my projected max for 4 reps then 4 sets of 4 reps all at 80%. It starts with squats then after those are done it goes to squat snatch then clean & jerk then an additional pull off the ground then 3x per week something overhead to finish (press push press behind neck power jerk).

The clean & jerk is the worst for me during this part of the training but again that’s kind of the point. My jerk is my weakest movement and after all the squatting snatching and then sets of 4 cleans there is basically no leg left to drive the bar up so all there is for me to do is to try to push myself under the bar and lock out. Usually what happens for my jerk is when my arms lock out my torso doesn’t stabilize well enough and I miss the lift (again no press outs allowed). But I’ve been working a ton on my weakness here over the past year supplementing with tons of additional overhead stuff including handstand push ups with an aggressive lock out as suggested to me by my friend CJ Martin. Watch your toes I AM name dropping.

Needless to say it’s finally starting to pay off. I missed my first jerk ever last Monday because my legs were too fatigued to stand the bar up. At first it caught me off guard but then I actually was really pleased that I missed the lift the right way. For me that was a victory. It’s wasn’t much and again totally didn’t make the lift – but that’s progress. It isn’t always in a super obvious form of a PR or finishing first. It’s having the ability to see 1000 little things that need to be in place to achieve your goals.

1 down 999 to go.

Just another day at the box…

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A.Snatch Complex

  • Db Power Snatch (hang)
B. Death by…

  • 10 meters
WOD: 30 minute EMOM

  • 5 x Hang DB Power Snatch Each Arm (10 Total)
  • 10 x Air Squat
  • 20m Sprint