Thursday: 08.30.12: The New WOD & Member Spotlight!

    • Ok be forewarned I wrote A LOT today – and I just couldn’t wait for 3 different blog posts. With so much awesome happening at High Voltage grab your ‘bulletproof coffee’ (bonus points if you know that) and get ready to start your morning off right!

  • It’s Thursday! Sadly it’s also our final ‘Grill & Chill’ for the summer. They’ve been a blast so lets send it out in style! Also with Labor Day weekend coming up this Monday we’ll have our 12:30 Gym-Wide WOD – friends & family are welcome of course!

But today also is the launch of another Benchmark Workout we’ve designed. We’re calling it ‘The Volt’ and was designed as a  Team High Voltage so you can bet it’s tough. The goal of ‘The Volt’ is just completion – and completion on this WOD as rx’d is something that will take most people years. Yup you heard me – years. Some things in CrossFit you get right away others are a few months away still others are longer…then there’s ‘The Volt’.

With this WOD as in many others if your strength is good your conditioning is going to be tested and vice versa. Accuracy and gymnastic skills are in there too. Still I think very few of you will finish this workout ‘As Rx’d’ tomorrow. So here’s the question what’s the point? How is this different?

Well since you asked so nicely the point of this WOD is progression. ‘The Volt’ is short – it has to be completed in 5 minutes. The goal is to try it today and make sure you scale the parts you need. Your score is how far you got through ‘The Volt’ – and make sure you mark that down. Once you can finally complete it scaled then you should try to go up in the areas you scaled until you no longer scale this and are a complete Firebreather.

Now what does that mean and what does that look like? This means that if you take the 10x bodyweight cleans (2/3 for ladies) and do 50% of your bodyweight and get through 20 burpees at the end the next time you try this workout you should STILL stick with the 50% bodyweight cleans UNTIL you finish the 40 burpees (because the goal is completion). THEN try and add 10% to the bar. This same goes for the chest to bar pull ups or the heavy wall ball shots (30# for guys 20# for ladies).

This WOD will of course test your current fitness level. This WOD will of course test how efficient you are at your current skill progressions. Even better this WOD will test your understanding of our program and it’s design. Before I explain further remember that no 1 WOD is CrossFit and no 1 workout can define your fitness level.

  • Your WOD might look like this:

50 Double Unders (broken is ok) 10 power cleans (25% bodyweight) 20 ring rows 30 Wall Ball (10# ball) and 40 burpees – still going to be tough if you’ve never finished it.
But THAT is exactly the point. I design the programming at this box to slowly and efficiently progress your fitness AND skills. You must have both. Being able to do 100 unbroken burpees but not knowing how to properly clean is just as bad in my eyes as having a heavy snatch but a 20 minute mile. I’m not going to apologize for wanting it all for you (humble brag)!

So when you come into the box today know that you are taking on a new step in your ongoing journey. This step is called ‘The Volt’ and I hope you enjoy the process in trying to tackle it debate it’s merits and give eachother a high-five and yeah buddy after you get through what you get through.

Then go enjoy ‘Grill & Chill’.


-AND…it’s Member Spotlight today!

…even though I went on my own little diatribe about ‘The Volt’. Today’s Member Spotlight has a different twist though – it’s written by Coach Tyler about his private training client Jeff. Jeff has been with us for a few months now and is probably one of the most positive people I’ve met at the box and if you’ve been in the box you know that is saying a lot. Why do I think this? I remember Jeff’s first day in – at 350# he couldn’t do the baseline workout not even close. This would have deterred most people and they would have walked right out that door. Not Jeff. He comes in meets Tyler and boy do they get after it. Read up on what Coach Ty has said and show him some love in comments!

“Over the past 3 months I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity of privately training Jeff Killabrew. I’ve trained several people privately over the 3+ years that I have been coaching CrossFit at High Voltage but working with Jeff has been different. When Jeff started he was unsure scared and in desperate need of a change but to a different degree than normal. Now 3 months later he is down over 20% body mass and has lost over 25 pounds (would be more if his body wasn’t so dang good at building muscle). What’s impacted me the most about Jeff is that at heart he is an athlete. His body is and has been exceptionally capable. His work ethic is sound and he has never waivered. He listens to every instruction I give him and is diligent in taking care of his body between sessions getting the most out of his rest days.

So what got him into this situation? Life – just as it can for all of us. But the past is the past and for now that doesn’t matter. The moral of his story is to not doubt yourself or believe that things can’t change. Never think that your current situation will limit you from being so much more. The boundaries you see in your life are only put there by you.

Jeff has and is making an incredible and lasting change in his life and his story reminds me of why I love what i do. It reminds me that no matter who you are or what your trouble is… it is not too late.

Jeff’s journey once again reaffirms my belief in the CrossFit training routine. It really works – and it can work for everyone. Some people are ready to jump right in others need a hand yet others still need more. The goal is to slowly get Jeff into our Level 1 CrossFit classes but even then we’ll still be meeting privately to make sure everything’s going as planned although less and less over time. My ultimate goal with Jeff is to confidently take care of himself in all aspects of his life – and whether we do that through regular PT or weekly PT sessions and group sessions it always revolves around ultimately doing what’s best for him.

The same goes for each of you as well.

See you at the box today and let’s have a great Thursday!”

~Coach Tyler

And finally a little something for the ladies – they call it Firebreather and I think they designed it for guys…but I think differently…

– I think maybe you all can come up with a better title in comments. 3…2…1…GO!

 Thursday’s Training: 

Level 1 CrossFit

Level One/Two CrossFit

All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Med Ball CleanWall Ball ReviewWOD: ‘The Mini Volt’In 10 Minutes complete as much of the following as possible

  • 500 Jump Rope Passes
  • 10x Med Ball Cleans
  • 20x Pull Ups
  • 30x Wall Ball
  • 40x Burpees
 Skill: Power Clean ProgressionsWOD: ‘The Volt’In 5 Minutes Complete as much of the following as possible

  • Score is total completed reps
  • Scale weight first then difficulty of movements
  • 50 unbroken double unders
  • 10x Cleans (bwt men 2/3 women)
  • 20x CtB Pull Ups
  • 30x Wall Ball (30/20)
  • 40x Burpees
Skill: Power Clean

  • 5 Sets of 3 Reps
  • Touch & Go

WOD: ‘The Volt’

In 5 Minutes Complete as much of the following as possible

  • Score is total completed reps
  • Scale weight first then difficulty of movements
  • 50 unbroken double unders
  • 10x Cleans (bwt men 2/3 women)
  • 20x CtB Pull Ups
  • 30x Wall Ball (30/20)
  • 40x Burpees