Friday: Things that make me happy

Friday: Things that make me happy

Friday: Things that make me happy

It’s the Friday before Labor Day. It’s been an absolutely incredible summer. Team High Voltage has been crushing it at local competitions and I couldn’t be more proud of their progress. Our original group of ITP’ers got their L1 cert and are now awesome enough to lead a packed house at High Voltage through an awesome training session and our ITP 2.0 is about to take their Level 2 test this coming Thursday. Our Barbell Strength class was not only awesome enough to expand to 3 training sessions per week but to have 20+ Volts & Vixens come at 8:30pm at night to get even more awesome. Our Vixen’s class is thriving and they’re getting ready to put their training to the test and crush Fran at the end of September and their coaches are doing an amazing job. New CrossFitters are becoming part of our ever growing Community and experienced CrossFitters are using our training to see ongoing progression and results and we’ve had more incredible CrossFitters finally pass the ‘Firebreathers’ test. After months of work Shannon got her very first pull up ever and Steven Murillo & Jose each cleaned over 300#. I have the strongest team of talented hard working coaches with me and High Voltage was named the Best Gym in Burbank.

But that barely scratches the surface. We’ve got even more coming up this fall. Next week we’re going to launch a couple new things at High Voltage. We’ll be releasing the start date of our Level Two/Three class – a class designed for intermediate CrossFitters and Advanced CrossFitters to focus on some more complex CrossFit skills drill and progressions. We’ll also be launching the High Voltage Oly Club and our ‘Oly Only’ classes. And…we’ll also be announcing who will be helping coach the class. Trust me you’ll want to hear this.

But even that doesn’t add up all the happiness that the High Voltage Community has been bringing me. Like I said it’s been an incredible summer.

My Mom is in Korea right now for the World Taekwondo Federation’s Headquarter’s Championship Tournament aka the Kukkiwon Cup. She won the gold medal for the 60+ division…AND took higher scores than the reigning World Champion. Pretty dang happy about that. She has the World Taekwondo Poomsae (Technical) Championships this December in Colombia. I’m excited about how hard she’s training and how much she is an inspiration to so many even though she’s just trying to do her best. People always ask if that’s where I get my athletic side from and I always felt like that wasn’t the case. She’s where I get my determined side from.

And….this makes me very very happy:

This is Geneva during her first time at school. Geneva is Steven & Charissa’s kid and we’ve known her from the old box when she wasn’t even born yet. The proud parents had their first ‘meet the teacher’ night and sent us this photo. All the kids were playing on the yard. This is what Geneva did. She even managed to keep the weight in her heels and her lumbar curve maintained. There’s no word yet on if the school has Eleiko Barbells & a Rogue Pull Up Rig. Still pretty solid. And yeah that makes me happy.

So have an awesome Labor Day weekend and let’s get ready for an awesome fall together. Just like my wife Carly always reminds me take a moment and pat yourself on the back at all the tiny things you’ve accomplished and all the things that you’re in the midst of making happen. And if you’re ready to step up your game some you can stop by this website and make yourself happy. Who knows who you’ll inspire along the way?

Be safe


-Friday’s Training: 

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. Skill: 1RM Strict Press Skill: Strict PressSets of 3 Reps
B. MAP Session5 min AMRAP – steady 80-90%

  • 5 KB Swings
  • 5 Burpees
  • Rest 2 min
  • 5 min AMRAP
  • 10 Double Unders
  • 10 Push ups
  • Rest 2 min
  • 5 min AMRAP
  • 5 Ball Slams
  • 5 Pull ups
  • Rest 2 min
  • 5 min AMRAP
  • 10 Double Unders
  • 10 Bumper Plate sit ups
3 minute Amrap

  • Sets 30 Jump rope passes unbroken

Rest 1 minute
6 Minute Amrap

  • 15 Ball Slams
  • 15 Sit Ups

Rest 2 minutes
9 Minute AMRAP

  • 10 KB Swing
  • 10 Squat
  • 10 Push Up