Wednesday: The Mindset & More!

Wednesday: The Mindset & More!

Wednesday: The Mindset & More!

Different parts of your CrossFit training require different mindsets. Sometimes you can apply an appropriate mindset at the wrong time and feel a little disconnected. Like when you first start training with us – your coaches at High Voltage first hammer the concepts of technique consistency THEN intensity – safety range of motion THEN efficiency when you begin. You’ve probably heard these phrases more than you’d like to admit but that’s also part of the point. If they aren’t hammered in then they don’t stick.

There are 2 things that I notice happen a lot as an member progresses with us. I’ll address the first first because well that’s when it happens. It’s the beginner trying to play with the big boys. Nothing inherently wrong with that…we’ve all done it…it’s just not the right mindset for the right time. Beginners need to be focusing on mastering the basics building a foundation and understanding that only once you have proper technique can you unlock your ability to move quickly. This comes in the form of your coach slowing you down during a workout when you want to go full speed and helping you understand a part of your long term development.

The second part is a symptom of success in the first step. You’ve mastered the basics but have now gotten comfortable with doing things minus the intensity – you know – the independent variable most commonly associated with results. You’ve gotten good at doing things good enough to come back the next day and do them again…but now the other half the entire reason we took you through the first half of progressions is missing. This is an even harder step to get someone out of and help them realize a new stage of results.

The answer is in changing your mindset (imagine that)!

I could relate this to anything because I feel this concept has withstood its many tests but I’m going to use the Whole Life Challenge as my example.

Newbies: doing the Challenge IS the challenge. You’re probably not going to be perfect but that’s not your focus. Just taking this on is going to be another big important step in your training. You need to see how being more accountable changes your behavior how being part of something bigger than yourself drives you even further and how the sooner you get on board the longer you’ll see the effects.

Intermediate: You’ve got most parts dialed in…but still something is missing. And having it told to you time after time having it shown to you time after time just isn’t enough. You’ve got to start DOING it. You’ve got to learn to BE it. You’re not there yet but you’re close. And you know you are capable of more.

Veterans: You ‘can’ do this on your own by now…so that’s not the point. Your ‘mindset’ has progressed from your hard work and consistent training. While you can also squat on your own you have come to understand the importance of being outside your comfort zone that 88% isn’t the same as 100% – and that there comes a time to actually ‘test’ how hard you can bring all aspects of this lifestyle. For you this is ‘that’ time to see how sharp you can get your razor’s edge.

  • Each side of this mindset and experience will benefit longer than the 8 weeks they put themselves their egos and their results on the line for. Each side has their own reasons for participating – this is not a one size fits all challenge. Part of competing comes from the benefit of going outside your comfort zone and what that brings. Are you REALLY a beginner or does it turn out you’ve been sandbagging yourself? Are you really a veteran or have you gotten proficient enough with the beginners mindset to hide among the big boys?

What you need to ask yourself now is are you seeing yourself in the proper light? If you don’t know how to answer that question – then follow this link:

  • And if you’ve read this far through another of my diatribes High Voltage has got something even more awesome for you!

We’ve been blown away with how many Volts & Vixens have jumped on board and are taking on putting their health and fitness to the test that we’ve designed some even more awesome additional Whole Life Challenge Benefits (and because the fact that 100% of the High Voltage Coaches are registered that should be an awesome enough reason… but if not then read a few more lines…)[/box]

          1. Everyone who registers for the Whole Life Challenge is automatically upgraded 1 additional class per week for the entire 8 weeks of the challenge!

          2. If you’re already on Unlimited you’ll receive an automatic $25 credit towards our next seminar (including our Kettlebell Cooking Classes 1.0 & 2.0 – our ‘In The Kitchen’ cooking class) towards a private training session or towards ANY Holiday Gift Package.

          3. For those of you who are ready to ‘play the game’ and think you can stay more consistent than the rest during the WLC your hard work will be able to give you the opportunity for weekly and overall prizes and $500-$1000 of cash (depending on the amount of overall registered athletes)

          4. Don’t forget the contest to have the most friends & family (over 20 total) registered by the start of the WLC on Sat Sept 15 will win a Suite at Staples Center!

          5. The top 3 Volts and top 3 Vixens to have the most Friends & Family will win 2 Private Training Sessions each!

Different mindsets and different abilities all putting it on the line: the High Voltage Way!

Wednesday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

 A1. Deadlift (Touch and Go)

  • 5-5-5-5-5
Skill: Deadlift

  • Sets of 5 Reps
A2. Ring Dips – 20 Sec AMRAP

  • 4-4-4-4
B. 15 Minute AMRAP

  • 400m Run then max effort reps of one at a time (then another 400m run)
  • Pull ups
  • Push ups
  • Toes to Bar
  • Double Unders


 WOD: 2 Rounds For Max Reps:

  • 1.5 Min Max Rep Pull up
  • 1.5 Min Max Rep Push Up
  • 1.5 Min Max Rep Sit Up
  • 1.5 Min Max Rep Jump Rope
  • 1.5 Minute Lateral Shuffle
  • 1.5 Minute Rest