Friday: Getting Ready

Friday: Getting Ready

Friday: Getting Ready

Let’s face it – we live in SoCal and we live pretty fast lives. One of the many resons we love CrossFit is because we can do more things quicker and better than others can and this goes into so many aspects of our lives. Check deposit? Do it through your phone now we aint got time for a drive through bank anymore!

But speed at certain tasks is only good if it allows us to use that time for other aspects of our lives like to learn more about our selves how our bodies operate optimally and improve our path towards ongoing progression.

And this is coming from me – I love doing things quickly – I love Oly lifts because they’re the fastest I love sprinting and box jumps. And it’s because of this that I’m looking forward to these 8 weeks of the Whole Life Challenge to help me slow everything down a bit. I have great Paleo meals every day already but I rush my Post-Work out recovery. It happens but if I said it was my ‘full effort’ that wouldn’t be the case. And not that I’ll be able to do that forever I’m not trying to make this bigger than it is but I am looking forward to finding a space for new connections with how my body operates by doing a few things differently even though I might even add them back in. Finding ‘the best’ is an ongoing journey and getting outside my comfort area is a necessary part of proper analysis for anything we want to excel at.

So yeah I am looking forward to slowing things down and making sure I have the proper food to eat post workout instead of my trusty shake. My shake is awesome but what else is there that I can improve? Don’t know until I try. Then can I use that time I’m preparing that food for the day to get in an extra round of mobilization or maintenance work on my habitually achy hands? Not sure but I’m willing to try. That’s worked for me in every aspect that I’ve tried it in so far – be open be willing to try something outside your comfort zone and take a look at the data when your done.

Go back repeat learn more. But first it’s time to slow it down.

-WLC WOD: For the Prelims (Sat Sept 15 at High Voltage) and the Finals (Saturday Nov 10)

The workout:
AMRAP (reps) in 9 minutes of:
7 kettlebell swings ( 24/16)
7 burpees
50m run (25m down and 25m back)
– score is the total number of burpees and kettlebell swings
Post the number of rounds you think you can get to comments.
If you haven’t registered yet click here and get in the game!

Our 3 finalists from ITP 2.0 stayed late into Thursday night taking their Level 2 High Voltage Instructor test. Ryan Felix Ryan House & Matt Kloeris each busted their ass all summer learning the material got grilled over and over again on how to become a better coach scaling movement faults & fixes coaching progressions culminating in last nights practical & written exams. Will we see them on the floor assisting & demo-ing (?) soon? Yup you guessed it. I’m going to make them sweat it out over the weekend.

But really and even though I AM doing that they did an absolutely incredible job and gave it their full effort for the entire program. Our first ITP set an extremely high bar with their levels of commitment and expertise so I’m glad to see our latest group of awesome Coaches in Training rise to the occasion.

Give them a big High Voltage ‘yeah buddy’ in comments and be sure to ask them 1000 questions when they’re in your classes – they’re ready for it.

Friday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

 A1. Hang Power Snatch

  • 3-3-3-3
 Skill: Rope Pulls
A2. 20 seconds AMRAP Rope Climb (scale to rope pulls etc.)
B. 5 Rounds 30 seconds per station

  • Ground to Overhead (snatch power clean & push press etc) 95/65#
  • Burpees
  • 10m shuttle run
  • Slam ball
  • Rest

  • 10-1 Burpee
  • 1-10 Slam Ball
  • 20m Shuffle inbetween rounds