Monday: It’s ON!

Monday: It’s ON!

Monday: It’s ON!

Hey Volts and Vixens – The first week of the Whole life Challenge is here! Make sure you’re stay on recording you score and your daily reflection on your Whole Life Challenge Account! We’re going to be an amazing 8 weeks together and it all starts here in Week One:

  • Week 1 Whole LIfe Challenge Challenge – BE THAT GUY – Engage in a conversation with someone “in the know” at 3 restaurants to find out if their menu has Whole Life Challenge compliant items on them. Players need not eat food at the restaurants nor do the restaurants have to be compliant for the players to earn their points. Conversations can be in person or over the phone – not by email. Players must post their findings in the Weekly Challenges forum to claim their credit for the week.
  • For those of you unable to make Saturday’s EPIC Challenge Kick Off Prelims – we’ve got your back. The make up date is this Thursday Sept 20th at 8:30pm (after our 7:30pm class finishes). Remember you are still accountable for your points and logging into the website by 3pm every day to record your previous days performance and to reflect on how you are doing.


Prelims for the Whole Life Challenge 2012!

Monday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A1) Thrusters (wave load)

  • 3-2-1-3-2-1

Rest 30 sec then:

A2) Strict weighted pull ups

  • Sets of 3 reps rest 1 min
 Skill: Thrusters

  • Sets of 3 reps
B. 1 min per station x 4 rounds

  • OHS (from the ground to overhead if possible)
  • T2B
  • Push ups

Rest 1 min after all 3 rounds are complete



  • Db Single arm thrusters
  • Knee Raises