Friday: Accountability Check In…aka, the crappy guy in the corner

Friday: Accountability Check In…aka, the crappy guy in the corner

Friday: Accountability Check In…aka, the crappy guy in the corner

Friday here and it’s time for another accountability check in on my training. Get your Bulletproof Coffee ready (seriously get it ready) and let’s take a walk down memory lane – that’s what I did.

I haven’t updated my training accountability blogs in a couple of weeks because I was away from the box in Colorado (and Colorado in no way has internet or computer access). I was in Colorado to attend a wedding for my old teammate from the Olympic Training Center Antony Graf who coincidentally is the one who got me into CrossFit in the first place. I had planned on taking Carly around Colorado Springs for a day and even though she’s competed at the Olympic Training Center herself I wanted to show her some of the spots I used to frequent and explain the nonsense to some of the stuff we did.

I was making some calls to meet up with old friends and long story short I was able to train with the Resident Team at the US Olympic Training Center for Weightlifting. This was a really big honor for me because I was admitted as a weightlifter there not a taekwondo athlete. Needless to say being there for my second sport was kind of mind blowing in the lead up. I’ve always had a huge connection with the OTC and I honestly thought I’d never really train there again.

But…it was also a really big challenge and one that took me out of my element more than I had been in any sporting event in the last 10 years. When I was fighting I had been doing it for so long that when I would travel the world I was generally in my element. Not so much this time.

I went to lift with the team and all the sudden I got really introverted and if you know me I’m very comfortable in any gym or working out with anyone. See there are 2 weight rooms at the OTC in Colorado. The main one – the Sports Performance room is similar to a fully tricked out college weight room. It has the huge squat racks the rubber turf all the different bells and whistles. The weightlifting room on the other hand is bare bones from that perspective…but it has every single thing you need to build an awesome weightlifter. I never got to train in that room it was the ones where my buddies trained in – you know our Oly Coach Emmy Vargas trained in that room along with my friends Casey Burgener Natalie Burgener Danica Rue etc (watch your toes I’m dropping names). Yup it can be a ‘little’ intimidating.

I almost didn’t go in but then I had a flash to every single time I tell someone at High Voltage how important it was to get outside your comfort zone and that space is where the real changes can begin. It turns out a little taste of your own medicine is good for everyone.

Lifting in the ‘cool’ room at the US Olympic Training Center

The training was fun. The OTC is such a special place and while I used to take it for granted it was the first time I took the time to really see how incredible it truly is and that you never know if you’re going to get to go back.

Then this happened. Yes that’s also me. Glad to see that I’ve still got it 🙂 Carly told me it wasn’t able to count as my wedding present though.

Friday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

 A. 4-5 sets

  • 2 x hang squat clean
  • 2 x split jerks
Skill: Med Ball Clean
B. “Nasty Girls”

3 Rounds For Time

  • 50 x squats
  • 7 x muscle ups
  • 10 hang power cleans (135/95)
WOD: “A Little Nasty”
3 Rounds For Time:

  • 50 x air squats
  • 15 x pull ups
  • 15 x push ups
  • 20 x med ball cleans