Wednesday: Things that are Awesome, Pt 3

Wednesday: Things that are Awesome, Pt 3

Wednesday: Things that are Awesome, Pt 3

I’m on a quest. Not a Vision Quest although that IS objectively one of the best movies ever…and if you haven’t watched it it’s got to be on Netflix or something. Matthew Modine wrestling a kind of inappropriate love story. Yup Vision Quest rules. But wait that’s not my point. I may not even have a point but that’s also kind of what I’m going towards.

My point is I am on a quest and I didn’t even know it. My quest to find new awesome stuff on the daily. I just love it – it completely makes my day. Don’t believe me? It happens at the box all the time. You probably know that I love having a new funny phrase to say while I coach and this makes it even better when I cue to help a Volt or Vixen improve…and then because of that success I can use that awesome new phrase. Bam…Circle of life.

Finding things that are awesome isn’t easy but they’re really all around us. Still having trouble Worry not my friends I’ve got your back. You can use my proven 4 point system to help find & spread the awesome!

4 Steps to find something new and awesome:

1) Step outside your comfort zone and give yourself permission to fail.

-If you’re at all concerned with other’s judgement then you cannot move past this step – heck even this blog post is Step 1 in action!

2) Be receptive to not knowing what this something new may be and sit with that discomfort of the change for a minute. Don’t judge it right away.

-This thing may or may not be awesome. You might not know it yet. I just started watching Sons of Anarchy again – epic show…I watched the series opener the night it came out and didn’t click right away…now I’m hooked. Ok maybe not the best analogy ever but besides the fact that I love SAMCRO…and….don’t let the discomfort of my bad analogy take away from my point.

3) Be ok with not having anything awesome happen.

-Some times we’re so ready for something to happen that you can’t LET it happen. You can’t force the awesome. But you do have to be receptive to it know that it may not even appear awesome at first and have been outside your normal comfort zone. Don’t judge yourself on your failures – to find the awesome you’ve also got to count how many times you knocked it out of the park because that’s where the awesome is.

4) Finally – once you find the awesome spread the awesome. You nailed steps 1-3. Don’t be an awesome hog.

Makes sense? Not sure? That’s ok…it’s all part of step 1 anyways and I’m cool with that. Today’s blog was a perfect example of this – and if it turns out to somehow not be awesome I’m going to come blogging back here on Thursday and ready to take a new chance at spreading the awesome. It got me this far I can’t stop now!

  • You know what else is awesome? All the birthday love you guys threw me on Monday! Thank you so much for continuing to make my life incredible. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a Community of the most talented people I’ve ever met and that believe in me and my crazy ideas…I hope I can continue to give it back to you all as best as I can.
  • AND…Birthday week continues at High Voltage – A BIG Happy Birthday to the Cheetah himself Stefan! If you’ve worked out with Stefan you’d not forget it. He’s someone who embodies our ‘Full Effort is Full Victory’ mantra. He goes hard he gives it his all and it not only shows in his incredible results (sub 1:30 Grace anyone?) but also in how well those around him elevate their games. I had a blast getting to train with him on our Regional Team this year and watching him grow as an athlete these previous years. If you see him at the box today be sure and ‘thank’ him for the WOD’s. 28 reps each round….just for him!
I love this photo of Stefan and me at Regionals- talk about ‘carrying the load of the team’ – can you see how little of this I even have to lift! Yeah he’s a good guy like that:) He also cooks incredible meals – but you already knew that…because you’re awesome!

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. In 20 Minutes – complete:

  •  “The Bear Complex”
  • 5 cycles 5 reps
  • Power Clean Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Push Press
Skill: Front Squat

  • Sets of 5 Reps
B: The Stefan Special: (28 Reps per round for the Cheetah’s 28th birthday!)

  • 4 rounds for time:
  • 7 Hang power cleans
  • 9 burpees
  • 12 kettlebell swings
  • rest 60 seconds
WOD: The Mini Stefan Special!

  • 5 Rounds
  • 7 Db Front Squat
  • 9 burpees
  • 12 kettlebell swings
  • rest 60 seconds