Friday: Full Effort!

Friday: Full Effort!

Friday: Full Effort!

A whole new set of awesomeness at High Voltage this Fall? Can it be?

Yup – it’s just how we roll! Check these events out and get in the game!

Upcoming Events at High Voltage:

    • Saturday October 20 – Barbells For Boobs Workout – 9am
    • Sunday October 28 – Kettlebell Cooking Class
    • Saturday November 10 – Whole Life Challenge Finals

And then there’s this Saturday! On Saturday Team High Voltage is once again competing at the NLI (Next Level Invitational) and putting our gym motto of Full Effort is Full Victory to the test. We have veterans and first timers stepping up to the plate to represent High Voltage – we’d love to have you come out this Saturday Oct 13 to beautiful Garden Grove CA at the Next Level Sports Complex to watch many of SoCal’s best throw down and our own athletes represent our entire Community!Next Level Sports Complex : 12821 Knott Street Garden Grove CA  Click here for website: Legendary Competitor.
It’s awesome as a coach when I see athletes from Team High Voltage come with their big goal of doing their first athletic competition ever and finally achieve it. For others they haven’t competed since High School and are excited to refuel their fire and show what they’ve got. Having scheduled dates to put yourself and your training on the line are an important aspect of improving staying accountable and achieving your best results.
Something changes when you put yourself on the line. It might be for a WOD for a lift or a Challenge. But you can’t quantify this. It can’t be measured in amount of reps or hours of training although these are both effected by this. It’s the change that comes from you finally saying that you are capable of more that you deserve all the awesome that you’ve wanted and that you’re not going to stop until you achieve all the awesome you can handle.

And that awesome happening with Team High Voltage isn’t just on the competition field. Competing at events is largely a means to the end – staying consistent healthy and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. And this is happening everywhere! In the past week I’ve seen Kathy DOUBLE her back squat PR! Frankie B has been using his regular goat work training to smash his Deadlift PR’s and by setting his training on fire he’s realizing numbers he didn’t think he’d attain!

I’ve witnessed Crystal get her first Handstand Push Ups Craig dramatically improve his gymnastic skills and Alex improve his overall mobility for huge PR’s. Tons of these small changes and improvements add up big!

Team High Voltage member Jeremy crushing his Overhead Squat PR!

And I get to see Lori and Norma prep for their first Oly weightlifting meet on Saturday November 17. They’re training super hard & consistently – check out Lori receiving world class coaching advice from Emmy!

Much of the hard work our athletes do happens right along side everyone else. But by putting yourself on the line – by going outside of your comfort zone again and again by committing to be the best you can be – you’ve already started to make the real changes happen. That’s the hardest part – and once you get that all that’s left is the hard work and your best effort possible.

~Full Effort is Full Victory

Post your favorite pre-competition quote to comments.

Friday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. 5 sets
  • Strict Weighted Pull Up x 3 rest 30 seconds
  • 20 second AMRAP dips rest 30 seconds
  • 8x GHD Raises rest 1 minute
Skill: Kipping Pull Ups and Rowing Technique
B. AMRAP in 7 Minutes

  • Coaches’ Choice!
Each class will have a different 7 minute AMRAP finisher – and the Coach of your training session is going to decide on the spot!
Be ready for something ‘fun’ at each of your training sessions!
WOD:For time

  • 30 Calorie Row
  • 40x Pull Ups
  • 60x Push Ups
  • 80x Sit Ups
  • 100x Squats