Thursday: Member Spotlight Time

Thursday: Member Spotlight Time

Thursday: Member Spotlight Time

Thursday already? You betcha! That means we’re over the hump…AND it’s Member Spotlight Time!

Today’s High Voltage Spotlight is shined on one of our top Vixen athletes – Hayley! I don’t even need to put a last name because you all know her from her trademarks – hearts on hearts on hearts chalk prints short shorts and oh yeah CRUSHING WOD’s!

I remember when Hayley first came into the box – it was on a Saturday during an In House Competition. She was obviously in great shape just not CrossFit shape…yet. She competed hard was really cool then was gone.

When she finally came back she came back with a vengeance! You might know her from the 6am class maybe the 9:30am…quite possibly you’ve WODed with her during open gym…you get the picture. It’s been a pleasure seeing her becoming a more well rounded CrossFit athlete and unlocking her full potential. And trust me her full potential is huge. So read up show her some love in the comments section and be sure and thank Hayley when you see her for the ‘GOAT’ inspired WOD today for her 🙂 #nothinbutlove

-Describe your first workout. Were you nervous? scared? did you puke? Let’s hear those DEEEETTTTSSSSS!!!!

Sarah Schuman invited me to tag along one Saturday afternoon which happened to be an in-house competition. When I got there I really didn’t know what was going on. It was a little intimidating at first but everyone at CrossFit High Voltage was really supportive! I learned how to row and was told my form needed some improvement which I am STILL working on! At the end of the day I walked away with a bronze dumbbell … or it was silver…either way I didn’t win so needless to say… I was hooked! I love a little competition!

Hayley getting after it…and getting after it with the 70# KB!

When did you know something had to change Before joining CrossFit High Voltage?

I had come to the point in my life when nothing was pushing me hard enough and I knew that I needed to be pushed a little harder.  I needed something with a lot more intensity. CrossFit was the answer. CrossFit motivates me to excel and holds me accountable for my results. CrossFit reminds me of being on a team. Working within a group can even push highly motivated individuals harder.  You should see how lazy I am when I try to do a workout on my own! Training with others has kept it fun and keeps me consistent and that had been lacking in my life.

Describe your most memorable CrossFit Experience.

One night after the Ocho class I decided to join Josh Murillo on a run.  The run was going great and we talked and laughed.  Then we were almost done after running up and down Chandler Blvd. and that’s when I tripped and fell pretty hard for him.  =] Oh yea there was also that one morning I deadlifted 315 then ran a 6:22 mile!

Tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join CrossFit High Voltage.

CrossFit has crossed over into many other aspects of my life.  Confidence being the number one area! It’s about being happy and healthy! I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my relationships with others at home and work.  I feel that CrossFit makes me a better person every single day.  There is something addicting and amazing about CrossFit and I express this through my attitude and approach to life!

Hayley pushing herself in competition by stepping it up to the Advanced Division

When have you used CrossFit outside of the box?

I have done some CrossFit workouts with the high school kids I am coaching and I usually use burpees for punishment…works like a charm each and every time!

Who is your most idolized fellow Volt or Vixen?

I never have one answer to questions like these; so I’ll give you three!  First there is Joshua Murillo because he is so inspiring and makes me work harder.  It’s nice being able to compete with a guy that isn’t afraid to completely crush me in a workout! Second there is Sarah Schumann because without her I wouldn’t be at CrossFit High Voltage!  She has motivated me and made me a better athlete.  She always sends me a good luck text.  The little things she always does means so very much to me. She’s incredible!  The third one is Stefan Niemczyk who is like a big brother to me and for some reason he’s one of the only people I listen to during the middle of an intense workout.  I always do a little better when he’s there!  All three of them ALWAYS remind me to keep my head up when I get upset after a bad workout.  However each and every person at CrossFit High Voltage has become a teammate. It’s nice to be able to share a passion with so many other people!

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I love the nights I spend eating a HUGE frozen yogurt with Jose Sarah Stefan Stephanie and Josh! I’m also a sucker for a slice of carrot cake & a big cold glass of chocolate milk!  And when Thanksgiving comes around I always destroy the green bean casserole candied yams and sweet potato pie! Okay you get the picture and here I go again with not being able to pick one thing!

And having a little ‘fun’ too 🙂

How has getting in shape changed your professional life?

I coach the Notre Dame High School Cheerleaders in Sherman Oaks.  I really try to incorporate CrossFit into their conditioning because I feel that this helps them become athletes and better people.  These workouts build their endurance and make them stronger (physically and mentally)!  Most of the time I’ll join them! Thanks to CrossFit High Voltage I can “walk the talk!” Being a positive role model for the youth means a lot to me. High school kids need positive influences to guide them about body image proper nutrition and fitness! I am able to give them the right message because of everything I have learned at the box!

What is your one year CrossFit goal?

A year from now I plan on competing in the CrossFit Games as an individual.  Before that I need to focus on my weaknesses and attack them to make myself a better all-around athlete.  I love avoiding my GOAT work but I know I shouldn’t.  CrossFit keeps me determined and pushing for things that I feel are pretty much impossible to reach at times. As for tomorrow a muscle up would be nice and I sure wouldn’t mind a few solid ring dips!  =]

How long have you been CrossFitting?

One year eight months and…but wait who’s counting each moment?

Thursday’s Training: 

Level 1 CrossFit

Level One/Two CrossFit

All Levels CrossFit

 Skill: Overhead Squat

  • Sets of 5 Reps

WOD: 2 Rounds for Total Reps:

  • 2 Minutes Goblet Squat
  • 2 Minutes Single Arm DB Push Press
  • 2 Minutes Sit Ups
  • 2 Minutes Jump Rope
  • 1 Minute rest
Skill: Snatch Complex x 4-5 Sets

  • 3 x Hang Power Snatch
  • 3 x Overhead Squat

WOD: For Time:

  • 25 x Hang Power Snatch
  • 20 x Striders (each leg)
  • 20 x Hang Power Snatch
  • 30 x Sit Ups
  • 15 x Hang Power Snatch
  • 60 second FLR (cumulative)
  • 400 Meter Bumper Plate Run
A. 3 Position Squat Snatch x 5 Sets

  • High Hang Below Knee Floor

WOD: For Time:

  • 25 x Power Snatch (75/53)
  • 20 x Striders (each leg)
  • 20 x Power Snatch (75/53)
  • 40 x Sit Ups
  • 15 x Power Snatch (75/53)
  • 60 second FLR (cumulative)
  • 400 Meter Run Bumper Plate Run