Friday: ‘The Associate’ WOD

We’ve got a fun WOD today  – a little different flavor to it…but isn’t that the name of the game? Along with my friend Nathan from Next Level CrossFit we broke down this WOD and put a little write up together for you – so when you’re in the ‘middle of the suck’.

The WOD written by John Burch goes a little something like this:

7 minute clock running down:
20 CtB Pull Up Buy In then in the remaining time perform AMRAP of

ascending reps +1 of
1 DL (135/95)
1 StO
2 2 2
3 3 3 etc

then once the time runs out

Perform AMRAP Bar Jumping Burpees to Games Standards.

Your score is total reps of the Barbell Complex (each rep counts as 1) combined with total Burpees in the final minute. It’s fun it’s a grind and it left me on my back 8 minutes later. Now it’s time to have a little fun and break down the WOD about what you’re about to go through. It’s important to note as with any workout the outputs are laregly dependent on the individual and can create different workouts and struggles for different people.

Let’s start off with the 20 Chest to Bar Pull ups. I like these much more over regular chin over bar pull ups for a few reasons. The first is that everyone has gotten so efficient at regular pull ups the amount you have to program in a WOD to show any separation has grown a ton. Sure proficient athletes are also good at chest to bar but it does begin to have some separation especially with the bigger stronger guys that may not focus on their basic gymnastic movements as much and are waiting to just get to the barbell to crush it. As far as energy systems are concerned this is mostly localized upper body lactate based and again for proficient athletes this is going to be anaerobic.

The middle part – the real ‘suck’ of the WOD – is found in the barbell complex. Like many CrossFit workouts energy systems and outputs start to get combined and crossed. The Deadlift Hang Power Clean Shoulder to Overhead Combo is a coordinative effort using both aerobic capacity heavy lactate elements (especially when you get to rounds of 4 or 5 you definitely don’t want to be inefficient and do additional deadlifts or HPS that don’t count to your score because you couldn’t to the StO unbroken) as well as some creatine-phosphate for the explosive aspects of the oly lifts.

Then….if you’ve made it through the 7 minutes of ‘fun’ you get to finish with 1 minute of bar jumping burpees. This is the final bodyweight section and based on aerobic power with lactate elements as well as mental fortitude. This is your last chance to add any reps to your score time is ticking…how hard can you go?

Derrick has been training with us for a few months now – he came in a good athlete with a bunch of holes in his game – especially flexibility and range of motion. After months of diligent work listening to his coaches and stepping it up to All Levels we can now check out his much improved Front Squat!!!

Friday’s Training

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. Running

  • For time:
  • 800 meter run rest 3 min
  • 400 meter run rest 2 min
  • 200 meter run
 Skill: Pose Running

  • 3x 400 Meter Run
  • rest 3 minutes after each set
B. ‘The Associate’

  • 7 min clock counting down:
  • 20x CtB Pull Ups
  • Remaining time do AMRAP of
  • 1xDL (135#)
  • 1x HPC
  • 1x Shoulder to Overhead
  • then 2… then 3…etc

As soon as 7 min is up perform

  • 1 min AMRAP Bar Jumping Burpees

Score is total reps ‘after’ the pull ups + burpees.

WOD:10 min AMRAP

  • 20 Pull Up buy in
  • then in remaining time
  • 1x Wall Ball
  • 1x Push Up
  • 1x Sit Up
  • then 2 22
  • adding 1 to each rep for the remaining rounds