Being Thankful, part 2

Being Thankful, part 2

Being Thankful, part 2

Hey guys

I know the boys posted the Thanksgiving Day blog already but I feel like I have more to say.

You see I’m so thankful one blog post just won’t cut it.

I never really knew what High Voltage would be. I didn’t have a plan I didn’t have money crap if you know the ‘long’ story it started out in my driveway.

I am thankful that this whole thing could have been nothing. Every time I see each of you at the box I am so thankful that you have helped make it something.

I am thankful to have 3 Associates Tyler Josh & now Matt that have the right combination of smarts hustle & desire to carry this gym and make everything happen. You guys are so talented it’s ridiculous and I think everyone is possibly getting tired of me bragging about you but I could really care less. I am thankful to be surrounded by the very best coaches around – Pnutz Tom Simon Jose Katie Dan Logan & Dizzle. I am so lucky that they all believe in my vision of making each training session the very best for each of you are relentless in pushing you through your next step and goal and are just plain awesome to be with. I love watching them coach just as much as I love having a beer with them and holy crap am I thankful for them.

I am thankful for our Firebreathers who put it on the line for each of us and show us what is possible. They have the right combination of being able to lead by example talk just enough crap to motivate you but to still be there and cheer you on at the end of the workout and squeeze the very best out of you. I’ve trained and competed around the world that’s special. That’s the goods.

I am thankful for every one of you who keeps coming in day in day out chasing excellence making the hard choices of sleeping in or ending up 45 text messages deep from your 6am buddies about you not coming but still tag you in the facebook collage photo or missing out yet another chance to come dressed up at 7:30pm or possibly become impeached in the 12:30 push up club for missing out on the awesome. This is the special stuff I had no idea that I’d be lucky enough to be a part of and I have a hard time wrapping my head around how thankful I am that it happens.

I am thankful for every newbie who slowly walks through our doors not really knowing just how dramatically their life is about to change. I’m thankful for you trusting us enough to give us a shot and let us continue to prove everything we strive to be.

I’m thankful for my BIZ mentoring friends who every week push me to make High Voltage the very best it can possibly become for us. You never let me settle with anything but the best for our CrossFitters and that can’t be replaced. Thank you to John & Jen for helping us pull this all off and guiding my vision into a reality. I’m thankful for my SME bud’s Chris & Meghan I enjoy every minute of being in the trenches with you getting the chance to make a difference in so many other’s boxes spreading the love we’ve received and showing how great this all can become.

I’m thankful for my wife Carly who somehow continues to put up with me. I don’t get it at all but trust me I am very very thankful 🙂

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m thankful that I could just keep going on and on. You guys are the best. You make High Voltage so incredible and unique. From the bottom of my heart I can’t thank each of you enough.

Incredibly thankful and even more humbled


Who’s Thankful and has mad mic skillz? ^ This guy!