Thursday: Member Spotlight!

Thursday: Member Spotlight!

Thursday: Member Spotlight!

Check out this week’s Member Spotlight Jumpin’ Jay Benton!

Benton 2


I was nervous I was scared and I puked – all before leaving the house. haha nooooo not really but nervous? Most definitely. Scared? Of looking like a big dummy in front of a bunch of strangers? You betcha. Puke? No dice. I’ve always love food way too much to throw it away like that … What I do remember – it was a night class and it was not fun because well for one I looked at the schedule wrong and totally missed the level one class time so my first class was “all levels”. Second of all even when I was a sluggish butter man I was still competitive so … it was basically like being in a horserace with everyone around you sitting atop beautiful thoroughbreds and there you are … sitting on a donkey … backwards … still at the starting gate. It was so painful and everyone was so good! I don’t even think I could sweat properly at that point.

When did you know something had to change before joining CrossFit High Voltage?

For me it was just one of those things ya know? One of those massive change-your-life things. I hadn’t worked out in about three years because I had a crappy job that had me on call for demanding clients like 24/7 so that was a perfect excuse to do nothing physical in my spare time. Also I was dating a real succubus who basically bawled and threw a fit anytime I suggested we try something healthy so no motivation there! If I remember correctly I looked in the mirror one day after eating a big fried cheesecake sandwich or something gross for lunch and thought “Huh. Look at you you sloppy bum. You need to dump this girl get in shape and find a new gig if you ever want to be happy.” So I did – all in that order. Man in the mirror! Right?? Solid health advice from the late Michael Jackson.

Describe your most memorable CrossFit Experience.

Easy. The first time I did Karen. (150 wall balls for time.) It was the first WOD to stand out as a mental challenge more than a physical one. I knew I could do it – I just didn’t know how. Before we started there was a lot of laughing – the nervous kind – because most of us had never done it and no one wanted to go in the first heat. But I did. I wanted to get it over with. I remember feeling it was the first workout that taught me to pace myself but to push myself and keep moving too. Very memorable for that reason alone. It was like learning a valuable skill that’s stuck with me. I reference that first Karen a lot like some old timer Ohhh I remember that time we did that Karen blah blah blah I’m so sore today etc.

Tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join CrossFit High Voltage.

Sleeping. For the year before CrossFit I had a reeealllly bad back so I slept like hell all the time. I was falling apart. I didn’t know what to do. In the morning I’d roll out of bed lay on the ground and think “Is this my future? This crappy back and no sleep??” Nights were like the beginning of a Sit ‘N Sleep commercial tossing and turning punching my mattress. Punching my poor pillows… Enter CrossFit High Voltage. Three months of wall-squats-for-warm-ups later – and I had zero back problems. Everything tightened up the pain disappeared and I slept like a baby again (and still do). A very close second would be eating. I completely changed my diet thanks to CrossFit High Voltage.

When have you used CrossFit outside of the box?

Oh every day I guess. Everyday crap like carrying groceries jogging across the street … Anytime I do more than sit or walk it becomes an analysis of what my muscles are doing and how I might use them better. Does anyone else do that or am I weird? Oh! I just remembered I’ll definitely use CrossFit outside the box this Sunday in my first Spartan Race down in Malibu. Heeyyy? That counts right? I love climbing walls and looking like a mud cake.

Who is your most idolized fellow Volt or Vixen and why?

This is a tough one – because there are so many amazing athletes at the gym it’s crazy – but I have an answer Robb Fordham. He flat out kills it every time I’ve seen him at the box right? But then he’ll also drop a tip here and there to noobs (like me) that stick with you. I’ve seen him do it. He’s awesome. My story though he saw me doing some baaaad burpees early on and he simply said “Jump to your heels. You keep landing on the balls of your feet and you’ll wear yourself out.” I remember thinking “This dude’s good so I should probably listen.” Ha! Glad I did. That tip combined with last year’s holiday challenge got me over my fear of burpees a.k.a. “tha burps” as nobody calls them real quick.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I’m pretty heavy into Paleo so I have plenty of ways to cheat on that so let’s see what’s my favorite? Easy. Corner Cottage breakfast burritos. It’s only blocks from the gym but you’ll have to google the address yourself. I feel like a drug dealer even telling you the name of the place.

How has getting in shape changed your professional life?

I work as a producer out of an animation studio. We have to pitch shows and ideas all the time to people who are intimidating in their own ways but … let’s just say I haven’t been physically intimidated by anyone since after about my sixth month at CrossFit High Voltage. When you feel like you could throw everyone over your shoulder in a fire and run them out of the building safely – or at least kind of clean and jerk and lob them toward a nearby window or something – it just helps you in the business world I guess. Sorry that’s a tough one. I’m not really very professional in my professional life.

What are some of your CrossFit goals for the next year?

Next year or next two years? Either way it’s muscle-ups dang it! I will do them! And now it’s in print so I have to!Benton1

How long have you been CrossFitting?

I had to dig through e-mails for this one. On 10/14/10 I sent this e-mail to Tim probably with Cheetos all over my keyboard and the orange dust on my fingers. It was my first e-mail to the CrossFit High Voltage website:

Instead of dropping in unannounced I figured I’d e-mail to ask is there a best time to stop by?  I was hoping to check your gym out today before I procrastinate any more and don’t do it!

Boy did I know me with that procrastination bit. I did sound sort of motivated though I guess but … not too many problems with that now thanks to Tim and all the coaches. A very fun two years so far at CrossFit High Voltage will be my final answer.

Thursday’s Training:

Level 1 CrossFit

Level One/Two CrossFit

All Levels CrossFit

Skill: Push Press

  • Sets of 4 Reps
A1. Push Press
  • 4-4-4-4-4
A2. 30 second AMRAP
  • Sit Ups / lemon Squeezers

A1. Push Press
  • 4-4-4-4-4
A2. 30 second AMRAP
  • Sit Ups / lemon Squeezers

WOD: 25 minute AMRAP
  • 20x single arm db push press
  • 20x sit ups
  • 20x wall ball
  • 200m run
B)20 Minute AMRAP
  • 400m row
  • 30 single arm db push press
  • 20 wall ball
  • 2 minutes rest
B)20 minute AMRAP
  • 300m Row
  • 20x single arm DB Shoulder to Overhead
  • 10x 2 for 1 wall ball
  • 2 minutes rest