Monday: Presidents day!

Monday: Presidents day!

Monday: Presidents day!

What would our forefathers have done?     …Snatches!PresdayToday is President’s Day and while it may not have much relevance regarding CrossFit it is a constant reminder to all of us of the past. We should all feel blessed that we were born in a time like the one we live in now.

It is a time where we can enjoy the company of any friend we choose. We can partake in fun activities such as CrossFit. We can be involved in a great community like the one we’ve created together.

Our world isn’t perfect. We still have lots to fix regarding our economy poverty around the world and the direction we’re heading. But we can take a look back today and appreciate the things we DO have today thanks to those who came before us.

Now let’s do some snatches!

Monday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

A. 800M Run for time A1. Pose Running Review

A2. 800M Run for time

B. Power Snatch Ladder

C. Coaches Choice Finisher

WOD:32 Tabata Rounds Alternating Through:

  • Knee Raises
  • Wall Ball
  • Lateral Hurdle Jumps
  • Ball Slams

(Score is total reps)