Wednesday: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

Wednesday: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

Wednesday: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

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DannyHey everyone Coach Dan here to talk about something that isn’t very popular and some of you may even take offense to.  It’s time we have a real conversation though because I know it has affected every single one of us at one time or another.

Everybody has certain movements that they excel at and even enjoy.  We’ve all walked through the door and seen what the WOD was that day and thought “Hey I can handle that!”  Then there are other days where we see a WOD we don’t like so much with a movement we presently struggle with or can’t do at all at our current skill level.  Many of you may even check these very blog posts the night before and if it isn’t something you particularly care for you just skip that day.  Well I’m here to tell you to knock it off!

I would argue that the days where you see movements or WODs that you don’t think you’ll do well at or have movements you struggle with are actually the MOST important days to come.  Consider yourself lucky that you even have the choice.  There was a time when we didn’t post the next day’s WOD on the blog and it was just a surprise when you showed up every day.

The simple fact is that you aren’t going to get any better at the things that challenge you by avoiding them.  When I struggled with double unders and pull-ups I forced myself to do them in every WOD they appeared.  Even if your score suffers or your time is not as fast as you would like it to be I can guarantee you will benefit from performing as RX and taking longer than if you didn’t.

If you know you can do a WOD and get through it with relative ease I would say that is a good time to upscale.  It may take longer than everybody else but you’ll be significantly stronger next time and you won’t benefit nearly as much by doing it just RX’d and shaving just a few seconds from last time.

NEVER forget how difficult CrossFit was when you first started.  It shouldn’t ever get easy and should be just as challenging as the first day.  I see a lot of people get comfortable with the movements and weights they use and just stay there in perpetuity.  You should always go outside of your comfort zone and keep challenging yourself.  If you are just coming to break a sweat and feel like you moved around for the day you may as well hit a treadmill at the globo gym.  We are CrossFitters.  We continually challenge ourselves to be better than that!

My main message that I’m trying to get across here is to stop avoiding you fears.  Stop being complacent and start challenging yourself again.  Don’t just do things good enough do things a little harder than you think you should.  Become comfortable being uncomfortable and then repeat.  You get my point by now I hope.

With all of this in mind we are now extremely close to Open Sectionals.  Every one of you no matter what your skill level is you should be signed up by now!  High Voltage has placed very well the last two years at Regionals and we can only do this with the weight of the entire community behind us!  There is nothing more incredible than watching our Regional team compete against the best in Southern California.  If we don’t all rise to the occasion and sign up though we won’t have a Regional Team!

Wednesday’s Training:

All Levels CrossFit

Level 1 CrossFit

 A. Push Press

  • 3-3-3-3

B. 1 minute AMRAP

  • Shoulder 2 Overhead @ 60% of highest 3 rep

Rest 1 minute. Then…

1 minute AMRAP

  • Shoulder 2 Overhead @ 60% of highest 3 rep
A. Push Press

  • Sets of 3 Reps

  • C.
  • 12 minute AMRAP
  • 12 Dumbell Snatch
  • 12 Box Jumps
  • 100M Farmer’s carry with Dumbells
WOD: 20 minute AMRAP

  • 10 Single-Arm Dumbell Push Press (5 each arm)
  • 10 Box step up – Squat on top of the box before stepping down and a squat at the bottom.
  • 10 Situps
  • 100M Farmer’s carry with 1 Dumbell (50M left hand 50M right hand.  Switch only at street.)