Wednesday: Monster Blog!

Wednesday: Monster Blog!

Wednesday: Monster Blog!

Hey gang check out Coach Dan’s all new blog about developing a personalized routine prior to your warm ups and the importance of mobilization!

Monster Blog

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Also stay tuned this week for details on our summer plans Team High Voltage and Competition Season!

Wednesday’s Training:

Level 1:

Pre-Skill Structural: 3 sets Max Rep Push Ups – 21×1

Skill: 10 min: Front Squat: 6-8 Reps@32×2

WOD: 12 Minute AMRAP:
12x Goblet Squat
12x Push Ups
12x Walking Lunge Steps (w/kb)
12x Sit Ups

Level 1/2:
A1. Front Squat 4×6-8@32×2
rest 20 sec

A2. AMRAP Regular Push Ups -2 @31×1
rest 60 seconds

B. KB Walking Lunge Down the floor x 3 sets
(rotate at the end of the floor with the partner).

C. CP Training: EMOM for 12 minutes:
1. 7x Front Squat
2. 10x Push Ups @20×0.
3. 7x Lateral Box Jump & Step Down (lower box for most)

All Levels:

A1. Front Squat 4×3@32×2 rest 20 sec

A2. Ring Push Ups/Parallete Push Ups/Regular 31×1 AMRAP -2
rest 90 sec

B. 3 Rounds
Barbell Walking Lunge (front Rack) down the floor (front wall to back fist wall)
Partner changes weight and goes back other direction .

C: CP Training
Alternating EMOM: 12 Minutes:
1. 5x Front Squat (from ground – about 2/3 of A1)
2. 10x Clapping Push Ups (ADAP – UNBROKEN for advanced)
3. 5x each leg -single leg – lateral (side) box jump/step down (must be step down)