Monday: Rx Woes?

Monday: Rx Woes?

Monday: Rx Woes?

Are you tired of not being able to put that almighty ‘Rx’ next to your score? Are you constantly avoiding WODs with heavy cleans and snatches?

Now’s your chance to fix that. CrossFit High Voltage has arranged for YOU to get the chance to work directly with a former Team USA Olympic Weightlifter.

Coach Emmy Vargas is beginning her newest 10 week cycle on July 1st for the dedicated individuals who want to step up and move on to the next level in Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit.

Stop waiting for excellence. Enlist in the High Voltage Olympic Weightlifting Program now!

Ask your Head Coach how to sign up!

Monday’s Training:

Pre-skill Structural:
GHD Sit Ups 5-10  x 3 sets

Skill: Med Ball Clean

Partner Anaerobic Race:
20 sec each x 3 for max reps
MB Clean

10 Minute AMRAP:
Partner Row for cal & MB Cleans – teams of 3:
1 rows 1 MB Cleans 1 Sit Ups
Rotate as needed- score is total reps + cal for group

Pre-Skill Structural:
GHD Sit Ups 5-10 depending on ability x3 sets.

Skill: Hang Power Clean & HPC Progressions :
10 min of 6-8 reps @22×2

10 Minute AMRAP
Partner Row for Cal & Med Ball Cleans & Sit Ups:
Teams of 3: 1 rows 1 MB Cl 1 Sit Up –
Rotate as needed – score is total reps + cal for group

A. 3 Position Power Snatch x 4 sets
Rest ~ 2 minutes per set – High hang knee floor.

B1. DB/KB Bent Over Row:
3 sets of 30×1 x10-12 reps
Both Arms Same time rest 30 sec

B2. 3×12 GHD Sit Ups

C: 6 Min AMRAP:
1k Row
Remaining time is max reps DU’s