Thursday: Rolling on Dubs

Thursday: Rolling on Dubs

Thursday: Rolling on Dubs

Don’t you just hate ‘that’ person?


You know…the one who gets to ‘rest’ during double unders. What does that even mean?


REST…during dubs? No way. It’s the worst part of the workout.


True story – when I started CrossFit I watched this (linked) video of Chris Spealler crushing ‘Annie…the benchmark workout with the MOST double unders.


I went to Target bought a jump rope…headed over to 24 Hour f**ness…and thought I was all set to beat his time.


And then I didn’t make it through the round of 50 doubles! I was so pissed off that I threw my rope in the corner and went home.


Seriously it happened…and if you can relate to this feeling…you’re not alone.


But not to worry…you’ve asked…and we’ve got your back!

(just not where those whip marks are from the missed doubles)


Presenting the first High Voltage Skill Mastery Seminar!

  • ·      Saturday June 22 @11am-12pm…at High Voltage
  • ·      The ‘Double Under Like a MoFo’ Skill Seminar
  • ·      Appropriate for beginners intermediate or anyone still struggling with the dubs!



This Skill Seminar is designed to improve your:

  • ·      Proper double under and jump rope mechanics
  • ·      Body positioning and common faults
  • ·      Beginner intermediate and advanced progressions
  • ·      Drills & Skill Transitions
  • ·      Homework (so you can keep improving!)


Sign up at the box…this Skill Seminar is limited to 12 people and is first come first dubbed.


$20 early registration.

$25 the day of (June 22) and if there are remaining spaces.

$40 non-High Voltage member price (no early bird discount).


Get your rope…it’s time to float!



Thursday’s Training: 

Pre-Skill Structural: Partner Assisted Strict Pull Ups

  • 3  sets @ 31A1
  • 5-7 reps


Skill: Kipping Pull Up Progressions


WOD: 15 min: AMRAP

  • 10x DB Push (alt arms)
  • 10x Bachelor Makers (alt arms)
  • 200 meter run
  • 10x Sit ups w/ DB

A. Snatch Progressions & Hang Power Snatch

  • 4sets of 5 reps                               


B. 20 Minute Alt EMOM

  • 5xOHS
  • 20x Single Lateral Hops over hurdle
  • 5x ADAP Push Up (parallete ring regular)
  • 5x GHD Back Extension

A. Hang Power Snatch Complex

  • 4 sets of 3x3x3


B. 20 Minute Alt EMOM

  • 5xOHS
  • 20x Single Lateral Hops over hurdle
  • 5x ADAP HSPU
  • 5x GHD Back Extension @ 2020


Bullet Proof Shoulders Finisher (3)